Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Most Blog Important Blog I've Ever Written

...While they were there the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger , because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shown around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:6-11 NIV
Ever wonder why you celebrate Christmas? If you buy one single gift you celebrate. If you have a nice dinner with a few family members or even one in the name of Christmas you celebrate. If you toast the day, you are celebrating Christmas. Why? The above verses are why. Jesus was born to save every single person from our sins. Why celebrate if you don't believe? No one, not you, not me are good enough to go to heaven without Jesus to save us from our sins. In John 3:3 Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again". How do you become born again? Very easily. You just pray the following prayer and mean it in your heart:
Lord, I know I am a sinner. I know that I have not lived up to your plans for me or my life. I know I need a savior. I know you are God and you came to earth as a baby then as a man You died for the sins of all mankind. I pray for you to enter my life now and save me from my sins. Please forgive me. Amen.

If you prayed the above prayer please let me know so I may pray for you. Get into a bible-based church. Read the bible daily. Your life will never be the same and I am now your sister in Christ! You will be going to heaven! This is the only way to get to heaven. All other religions are man trying to reach God but Christianity is God reaching down to man. Are you not sure you believe? Not sure what to believe? Has our world told you confusing things about Jesus? Let me know or ask a pastor, any of us would be happy to answer your questions.
Merry Christmas and God's Blessings for the New Year! Love, the White family

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Correction, correction...

Ok, this is silly, but my mom called last night after reading the blog about why we stay home on Christmas and came over to my house and is standing over me right now telling me to print a correction! Seriously, she's got a "do it or your grounded" look on her face (I haven't seen that one in like, 2o years). But really, she is wanting me to tell all my blog peeps that her granddaughter Bethany "is not destructive and has never broke anything at anyone's home! You made it sound like she runs around breaking things, she does NOT. Fix it. Now." Yes ma'am. Done.

Crazy Silly Fun

What to do with your girls home (both of them) and Mom on the floor wrapping gifts, the doggies inside, Dad is at work at there's sooo much still to do? Well, you pile pillows on the floor and teach the 18 month old how to jump into them from the top of the ottoman! Oh yeah, you must clap and recite, "go Bethany, go Bethany, go Bethany" before she does it! Then you watch as she steps off and laughs and laughs! Don't forget to say YEAH! Oh, and it also helps the mood if you're all in your jammies and it's 2pm...
Don't forget to "STOP THE MADNESS" and have some crazy fun time with your kids. They'll remember this and NOT the perfectly wrapped gifts, the spotless house they couldn't touch and the mom made crazy by all the insanity. Merry Christmas, Peeps!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Shoot the Messenger... it's One Week Till Christmas

Help! I'm drowning! No really, I'm ok, it's just ONE WEEK till Christmas! I have Savannah home for her Christmas break (great thing about Christian school, it's actually Christmas break and Easter vacation not Winter and Spring breaks) and we have soooo much to do! Tomorrow I'm hosting a cookie exchange for my neighbors, so I have to make four dozen cookies, of course make sure the house is clean, wrap presents, still send out our Christmas cards and organize Christmas breakfast and dinner! We always have Christmas here because, well, because we just couldn't relax anywhere else waiting for Bethany to break something and because we just don't want to go anywhere else for Christmas. Soo, my payback for being so stubborn is that we are in charge of breakfast and dinner. Now, everyone brings something so that lessens my work load and of course Mom and Grandma are a huge help. We really love just being in our own home. We stay put and just tell everyone that if they want to see us they are all invited. This year there will be 15 of us for dinner. I love it!
The weather is not cooperating... for me this means that it's been too warm, about 50-55F in the day and about 30F at night. It's just not normal for us! Global warming stinks! It's supposed to be in the 40s during the day and at about 20 at night then I can have the fire going while I wrap gifts and address cards! I just checked the forecast and Christmas day is going to be about 55F! Ugh!!!! Oh well, this is not the reason for the season!
Hubby and I still need to finish up the shopping for the girls but everything else is done! The girls and I went down last weekend to be with him while he worked an overtime detail giving out gifts to needy children at a high school in the valley. We really wanted our girls to see how many children there are who won't be having the kind of Christmas they will. It was good.
We live where we live so that we don't have to deal with all the traffic, the crowds of people, the insanity of it all and we just love where we are. We get more of a change of seasons here, there's a lot less people, a lot more wide open spaces. We got home from the valley and it was like we could take a big deep breath. Thank you, Lord for putting us here. You truly do know best.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm using my girls names now. It was just silly to think their safety would be compromised if I did. Once thinking about it and discussing it with Hubby we agreed. Plus we love their names!!! Savannah was the only girl name we could agree on and loved how feminine it sounded and gentile. Bethany came from the bible... it's the town Christ is in when He assends into heaven after His ressurection. We also though it was beautiful. Savannah's name means abundant and Bethany's name means house of God.
Ok, I must leave you now, too much to do, at least it's all fun stuff, though! Have a fun week of your own getting ready to celebrate Jesus' birth!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Charlie Brown Christmas

In case you are loosing faith in our world I wanted to share this with you...
Bug and I had a night to ourselves with Daddy working a double shift, doggies asleep and Buglette down for the night. We snuggled on the couch with the fire going to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Now, I saw this as a kid but didn't really remember the entire 1/2 hour show. Charlie Brown goes through the program wondering what the "true meaning of Christmas is" as he directs the school Christmas program and seeks 'psychiatric help for .05' from Lucy and is just not in the spirit as everyone else is. At the end he asks Linus out of frustration, "What is the true meaning of Christmas?" And lo and behold to my surprise (I was expecting something like, 'giving' or 'love' or 'family'. All good things but not the true meaning...) Linus quotes from the book of Luke the Christmas story. And even ends it, "... who is Christ the Lord our Savior"! By the end of his quote I was in tears. My faith in mankind, at least television and it's executives and programmers a little renewed! This aired on ABC at 8pm on a Tuesday night just before the BIG premiere of Disney's little animation Prep and Landing. Who knows how many people were watching?!??!? As Christians we cannot just see what's wrong, what's bad with our world but also what is good and right as well. It's there, we may need to dig a little further than we would like but it's there. And then there are the moments when there's no 'digging' necessary...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip

Hello Peeps! Hope this finds you all well, getting ready for Christmas (yep, Christmas, not 'holidays' as the reason for the season is Jesus Christ) and you are staying warm and happy. We are well, happy, warm and excited about this time of year! We love Christmastime! We've had a very cold front come through... it's 35 right now at 12:05 pm and I've got the fireplace going, the doggies inside, a cup of hot tea and I'm sitting here finishing up some shopping. Join me, won't you?
After a few hectic weeks of holiday in Lake Tahoe (a blast and good to get away) and then off to take our oldest, Bug to Pennsylvania and then on to DC for her White House party (with Thanksgiving in the middle of it all) we are home basking in the memories! Bug and I flew to Philadelphia on Saturday the 28th of November to spend some time with my in-laws at their farmhouse in the Lehigh Valley. We ate at their quaint pizza parlor on Saturday night then headed 'home' to get into jammies and be by the fire with Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on tv. The new one, not the psychadelic version with Gene Wilder, that one just makes you think of the '60s. Anywho, we then went up to bed, Bug and I sleeping in the attic bedroom nestled in the treetops in our queen sized bed. It's even more beautiful than I can describe, even in the winter. There's a view of the stream that flows through their property with woods in the distance, just yards away. On Sunday morning we got up and went to a sweet town in New Jersey, Frenchville. It's about 40 minutes away through the country and over the Delaware river... 'to Grandmother's house we go...' I know it all sounds like a song or a storybook! We had breakfast there then headed 'home' so Bug could go for hike in the woods with her Grandpa and her uncle (who was visiting also). They played all day! My mother-in-law and I went shopping!!!!! They have some of the best shops back there! We put a turkey in the oven for a bit of a Thanksgiving dinner with them and then crashed after our busy day. On Monday we got up and headed out for Washington DC, about 4 hours from the Lehigh Valley. It rained the entire day but we were still excited. We got to our hotel, Hotel Lombardy on, coincidently, Pennsylvania Avenue and then headed to Georgetown for dinner. We had a wonderful French meal at a sort-of posh restaurant. Wine and dessert as well. Yum. On Tuesday Bug and I headed out early to see some sights since we needed to be back in the late afternoon to get her ready for the White House that night. Now, Bug has been to DC before and seen all the sights so I wanted to show her something different. We went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We had such a great time there! We saw so many great American artifacts and learned so much. We saw the Star Spangled banner flag that our national anthem was written about, dresses of the First Ladies, the desk of Thomas Jefferson's he used to write the declaration on, the ruby slippers used in Wizard of Oz, historic items from all the wars we've fought in, and an exhibit on the struggles slaves had before being freed, just as a sampling! We ate lunch there and then went back to get Bug ready for her big night. She looked absolutly beautiful in a tailored red and black dress with matching coat, her long brown hair was all curled with a black bow to one side. I even put a bit of blush on with some mascara (shh, don't tell Daddy). I was even surprised by how mature she looked (she looked her age, but mature. I'm opposed to girls trying to look older than they are.) My in-laws looked stunning as well. We caught a cab and were off. I went with them so I could take more photos while they waited to get in. We saw Marine 1 fly in and out of the White House while waiting, taking the President to Westpoint where he spoke that night. Bug got to see all of the White House but the private quarters, of course. She got to see all the decorations, all the paintings, all the history! They had wonderful food and desserts and a wonderful time! Afterwards, Grandma and Grandpa took her across the street to a very beautiful hotel for a Shirley Temple! What an evening!
What did I do you ask? You must've been bored. Were you jealous? These are all questions I've had since then. Well, I was NOT the least bit jealous! I was so excited for her! I was just pleased as punch that our daughter got to go invited to the White House! As for what I did... oh, my, I had the best night all by myself!!!!! Don't forget, I have a very active 18-month-old at home! I took a cab back to Georgetown to grab a bit of dinner from Dean and Deluca then back to the hotel, to the quiet of my room I went. I ate. No one needed me. No one screamed for more or to be let down. I took a hot bath. No one asked where anything was. No one needed me to hurry. No one needed help with homework. I put on flannel jammies. No one complained that I had on flannel! I climbed into bed. No one needed help getting up too. I read. I didn't read about a Hungry Caterpillar. I read magazines. I read the Washington Post. I had tea. No one needed a bottle. No one wanted hot chocolate. I encouraged my daughter to stay out later with her grandparents at the nice hotel bar! At the end of my night, I had my batteries recharged. And I missed everyone.
We headed home the next day, slept on the plane and relished every little memory. So, to my wonderful husband who encouraged and provided for us to go, thank you. To my wonderful parents who jumped in to help care for Buglette while we were gone, thank you. To my wonderful Grandma who also jumped in to help care for Buglette, thank you! You all did much more than care for her, you loved her, you cooked and cleaned for my hubby and you helped me have peace while I was away. To my in-laws, thank you for inviting Bug to go with you and for welcoming us so warmly like you always do. Thank you everyone for making this trip happen for Bug. We are so grateful.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tahoe the Terror Terrier

We returned from Lake Tahoe and after our seven-hour drive began unloading the car. The kids were running around inside. Hubby had to go to work the next day so he was gettin' his work stuff ready. I was running between the car and the house just unpacking and enjoying being at home even though it was crazy. I was bent over the back of the car pullin' something out when I heard a little noise. I spun around to see this little mangy-lookin' dog starring at me. I sort of ignored him. Surely his owner is right here. He just sat there wagging his tail, starring at me. I went about my business. Came back out to collect more from the car... he was still there. Hmm, where exactly is his owner? No one in sight up and down the street. Hubby's coming, uh oh. We're bought and paid for now. Sure enough... Hubby sees him, bends down, says, "well, hey there boy, come here... where's your tag? Are you hungry? Thirsty? You need a bath." Yep, that's the story of how we got Tahoe the Terror Terrier. He's really cute but still wants to chew on everything (goodbye new tennis shoes of Buglette's) and is not, shall we say, housetrained. But he's a creature that God created and no one wanted (we assume). He's probably roamed the streets for a few weeks with no one to protect him, no food to fill his belly and no warm house to rest peacefully in. I cannot, no matter how much we DO NOT need a second dog put him out on the streets and I don't believe in destroying unwanted pets. He's been with us for a week and a half and has started identifying us as family. He believes this is his home. If I took him somewhere else he will think that yet another family didn't want him. I can't bear the thought of that. We all, all living creatures on this planet need to know we are loved and wanted. It's basic humanity... no matter what we do or don't do, good or bad we all need to be loved and wanted and to know we belong somewhere. So, Tahoe the Terror Terrier, welcome home. My heart is big enough, you are wanted and you are loved... even if everyone else thinks we are crazy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lake Tahoe and an Exciting Announcement!

Howdy, Peeps! Boy oh boy, is it good to be home!!! We had a great time in Lake Tahoe but Buglette had a difficult time sleeping, my little Miss Creature of Habit just loves her schedule and routine and her own bedroom! She ended up sleeping every night with Hubby and I in our bed! Argh!!! She would wake up and want to play, at say, 2am and then jump on the bed, make silly noises and then one night, she, all of a sudden leaned over and blew zerberts on Daddy's chest! He got to laughing so hard it made Bug and I laugh and of course at that point sleep was a memory! But what a memory that will be for us! The lack of sleep didn't kill us though, because my mom and dad went with us and stayed in the other bedroom so when they got up in the mornings they would take Buglette and we got to catch up on sleep. Let's give a big "hip hip hurray" for grandparents! We had snow in Tahoe and got to play and sled, fun, fun, fun! We got to see a few movies... mom and dad and I took Bug to see Disney's A Christmas Carol and Dad and Hubby and I went to see 2012. Both were good!
While we were there we got some pretty exciting news!!!! Bug has been invited to go with my in-laws to a Christmas party at the White House on December 1st!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, holy cow, good gravy, hip hip hooray!!! She is just too excited! We booked our flights right away and are leaving on the 28th of November. Just she and I are going and Daddy will be staying with Buglette and have help from my Grandma whom the great grandkids call GG. Hubby didn't want to travel anymore (he does plenty for work) and needed to stay home to work anyways. We will be gone for 4 and a half days. We are flying into Philadelphia to head to my in-law's farmhouse in Emmaus, PA. We will be there for a day and a half enjoying some family time before traveling to DC on Monday. The party is on Tuesday and we leave on Wednesday. A pretty quick turnaround trip but Bug didn't need to miss anymore school and I just can't stand to be away from Hubby and Buglette any longer. Please pray for our safe travels... I just hate to fly without Hubby and I especially hate to have our family splintered apart for any length of time. Your prayers would be much appreciated! I will post again when I have pictures of us in Tahoe and a funny story to share!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Off on a Trip

Howdy Peeps! I will not be posting any new blogs from Nov. 15th thru Nov. 23rd. The family and I are heading off to Lake Tahoe for a little vacation in our timeshare! Yep, we are bringing all the sleds, snow pants, boots, gloves, and snowman makings! I will be taking lots of pictures and blogging about our funny adventures when I return! Hmmm, eight hours in the car with a 17 month old, I bet you're envying me aren't cha???

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shot Drama

Yippee! Woo hoo! (read with sarcastic tones please) I just got home from taking the girls (and myself) to get H1N1 vaccinations! What a scream (yeah, literally). We got there expecting a long line but, no, we just filled out our paperwork and went through a screening process then went in. I went first. Ok, it burned but I lived. Then, with Buglette in her stroller it was Bug's turn. I had to force her to sit down. Ohh, this isn't going to be fun. Then they wanted to have me hold her so she wouldn't move. By now she is crying and saying, "I don't feel good, Mom, I'm nauseated" and I'm telling her to be brave because she's getting her sister all worked up! Sure enough, Buglette started crying! So now they're both going and I can't really do anything about it. The nurse then decides to start talking to Bug about her shot (which isn't helping) while I give the nurse the look saying 'just give the shot now'! Then Bug brings out the coup de gras by saying, "wait, I want to pray first!" So, we're praying (as I give the nurse the 'shoot it now' look). No such luck... after praying and screaming and gettin' her sister to cry it's time for mama to bring out the stearn voice, "hold still, be quiet" and she finally gets her shot! Buglette goes next screaming and squirming while I just muscle my way through that one. Whew. I'm exhausted.
Thank the Lord it's done. I'm going to lay down for a bit...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweetness and Light

Hey Peeps!!! How are you all doing? I'm good just sitting down now to type a new blog! I want to tell you about my bible study leader Laura. She has just blessed me so much these last 5 weeks. She is a mom to a boy 10 and her daughter is 8. She is a widow. Now, before you go gettin' all weepy when you read that (like I did when I heard it) she is a very strong, capable woman. She has been a widow for 6 years when her husband died in a motorcycle crash. She has been full of sweet words and love for all 5 of us at her bible study table. She is filled with the spirit and it's for real. I say it's for real because I have had the unpleasurable experience of being around 'spiritual' ladies who aren't very Godly and there is a difference. Anyway, not a sour note comes from Laura and she sings of what God has done for her and her kiddos and praises His name. There has not been a Thursday morning when I have sat down to worship and then study at the table when she hasn't presented us all with gifts! One day was bookmarks and book plates (to tell whose book was whose) another day was journals with a pencil, I even have a sweet little plant next to my computer she gave to me! She even decorated the pot! So sweet!
Just remember ladies, people are watching us. Do we exude the love of Christ in us or are we gloomy girls who say we love Him but our faces and our words tell another story? Yep, if you're unhappy you are telling a different story about what is going on in your heart. Laura has some things to be unhappy about, she misses her hubby, her kiddos are not growing up with their daddy and money is tight. But she sings of God's glory simply because she chooses to focus on her blessings. Sure, she asks for prayers and we pray for her but she then leaves it up to the Lord and sings of His love. Her kiddos are blessed and so am I for her example. By the way, she does all this crafting with her daughter because then they can spend time together. She once handed me something that she felt was 'less than perfect' because her daughter helped and knew I wouldn't mind because I love to have my Bug help me. I cherish that memento because of what it means. Perfection? Nah, I wouldn't want perfection!
Cultivate sweetness and light and you will receive sweetness and light
For the Holy Spirit, God's gift, does not want you to be afraid of people, but to be wise and strong, and to love them and enjoy being with them. 2 Timothy 1:7

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yep, I'm Southern!

Well, this happens to me just wayyy too much... I was in Walmart doin' the week's grocery shopping (and peekin' at a few other things, who am I kiddin'?) I was in the craft section probably drooling over some Christmas fabric that I have no idea what to do with (I can't sew :o I know, sniff, sniff) when a nice lady next to me was obviously trying to decide which fabric to choose from out of children's Christmas fabric. I just jumped right in and gave her my two-cent's worth and told her that whatever she was doin' with it I'm sure would be beautiful and to enjoy her gift of sewing since not everyone can do it! She then looked at me with sweet blue eyes and said, "oh, honey, I'm so homesick, what part of the south are you from?" Huh????? Well, I'm from southern California! I get asked that on a regular basis! Is it my voice? Hubby says I do have a bit of a twang to it. But, no, I think it's my ability to just poke into other's lives like I belong there! I'll just see someone out and about who looks friendly and is, maybe lookin' at somethin' I like too and I just can't help myself! Oh, and if they smile at my girls, well then that's an open invitation to me! I always try to be kind and sweet and offer a smile and a nice word. I guess southern ladies harken from a time in the past (unfortunately) where that was just a way of life. People weren't too busy to stop and chat or too self-absorbed to say 'hi' in the Piggly Wiggly line. It always makes me happy! Plus it goes a long way if Buglette is pitchin' a fit while people wait behind me to unload my cart! Humor just breaks all that 'I wish she'd keep her kid quiet and hurry up' stress! To be honest, I used to be someone who would look at other people's screamin' kids and think 'oh, I'm glad I've got a handle on Bug, she would never act that way'. Oh, God does have sense of humor! He gave us a baby girl who makes me work like a dog in stores to keep her entertained and somewhat quiet! Anyway, I think if we just acted like we were southern the world would be a better place. Slow down, Peeps. Enjoy life along the way! What on earth are we all in a hurry for anyway???


Friday, November 6, 2009

A 'Fall' Thought, A Bargain and a Blessing of a Blog

I know I told all of you that I love fall but did I also mention I love trees with changing leaves on them? Well, Peeps, (that's you all, I needed a name to call all of you and this seemed to fit) I do just love colorful trees. I was at Bug's school this morning (tell you why in a sec) and saw the most beautiful tree with every color on it... reds, yellows, oranges and greens. I stopped and picked some of those beauties right off the ground. I'm sure I looked like the crazy lady with the stroller to all of the high schoolers watching me but hey, I no longer care what high schoolers think of me (as of, gulp, 1991!) As we were driving I was thinking about my leaves and my love of them and this came to me (of course, we know the Lord gave it me). These leaves are so beautiful and yet they are technically dying. Their transformation is happening because they are dying. So beautiful even in death. To me, more beautiful in death. Just like Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of mankind, He was beautiful, His gift was beautiful in death. Of course He was beautiful in life (then and now) as are green leaves in spring and summer but His beauty really was apparent when He accomplished His purpose in His death. My leaves seem more beautiful to me in their death. Just yet one more reason for me to love fall!
Ok, back to why Buglette and I were at Bug's school, my kiddo was awarded Student of the Month!!!!! Yea Bug!!!! Way to Go!!!! We are so proud of you! I got to go and surprise her by showing up to chapel when she was awarded her certificate and her coupon for a free kid's meal at Black Angus Steakhouse (woo hoo! dinner solved!).
Oh, my Peeps, good gravy, I have so much to tell you today and if I don't I will surely burst! Sometimes God just gives us one blessing right after the other and yesterday and today have been my days I guess. I found (through a teacher at Bug's school) a great second-hand store for kid's clothes in my area! The minute she told me about it we were in the car!!!! It's called New 4 You and the owner buys kids clothes as well as other items for kids/babies from other moms or yourself, pays you for them and then turns around and sells them. I was so excited I could feel my feet barely touch the floor! I love love love my girls to look cute but I LOVE a bargain even better!!! I spent $30. on three (yep, three) Gymboree outfits for Buglette; full, complete outfits with socks too!) They don't even look worn! One is for a Christmas gift! I also have plenty of clothes every month or so that I have to pack up and take to a thrift store to give away cause darnit if kids don't grow soo fast so now I can make a little money back on what I've put into their clothes. I even have a high chair in the garage to sell to her! They also have clothes for Bug's size which is awesome because I can do a one-stop-shop!!! Woo hoo!!!
My last blessing (so far) is that I stumbled onto this website/blog that has just blessed me beyond measure!!! It's called Sugar Pie and is just too sweet for words. Sugar Mama (no joke, that's what she calls herself, but she looks like one classy lady) has made homemaking into an art!! She makes me feel proud to do what I do (that's hard to do) and is so loving and sweet in the process. She is from the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri and I've been there a few times and loved it, so I can relate to what she's talkin' about. She advises everyone to "put on an apron, light a great smelling candle, put on some music and go to work making your house a home"! She does wear aprons! I think I may adopt this! (hey, some of them can be slimming) Her sight and blog are just the bees' knees! Check her out so we can all drool together, Peeps!
Oh, and PS, Christy, thanks for your sweet thoughts, you made my day brighter!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Past Due Pictures and Halloween Fun

Just as promised, here are the pictures of my mantle after I re-did it... I forgot to take a photo of the before. Does anyone else do that? Anyway, before the mirror was a deep red with gold on it, I had a flower arraingement on the mantle with some photos and two candlestick lamps on each side. Now, it's so much more dramatic and eye popping! I love it!
Also, I redecorated our downstairs bathroom to something more my taste. I've posted some of those pics also! Oh, also I just today did some new things to my laundry room. Laundry room you ask? Why do you care? Well.... I hate laundry so to make doing it a little more palateable I must have a cute laundry room! It works, try it! So there are some pictures of my laundry room too!
Halloween was great. We went to Bug's BFF's for a family party. All the kids trick-or-treated and then came back and we ate dinner (chili and all the fixin's) and then the kids played a lot of cute, fun games. We really had a great time. Bug was Princess Leia (Star Wars) and Buglette was a leaf fairy. They both looked so cute! Bug has been fascinated by all the Star Wars movies since her daddy and I grew up on them. She at first wanted to be the Statue of Liberty but we had a hard time finding what we needed for that costume and when we found the Leia one she changed her mind. Buglette just loves to hear us say how pretty she looks so we knew she'd pick something 'girlie'. We were in Target and sure enough she saw it and pointed to it right away. Leaf fairy it is!
Hope your Halloween was great too! Now it feels like we've begun the holiday season! Hey, don't shoot the messenger!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Sick and Carsick...but not Seasick!

Hey readers! I have been so sick lately ("still?" you ask, yes, STILL) and I have been away from my computer till today. I finally went to the doctor (aren't us moms hypocrits? I would've been rushing my girls to the MD had they been sick for 2 full weeks but, nooo, I kept thinking I was getting better and it would be over soon...) After seeing said MD and getting a boatload of medication for Asthmatic Bronchitis I am home today nursing myself like a good girl. I got up and made breakfast for Bug and then realized we had no bread for her lunch so I asked her to buy lunch. Me to Bug, "honey, buy lunch today, it's spaghetti, how bad can they mess up spaghetti?" (she hates the cafeteria food) Bug to me, "aw, Mom, do I have to? I will throw up." Me to her, "please, we are out of bread, I guess you could take something else..." Her to me, "no, it's ok, Mom, I know you're feeling icky, I'll buy". What a kid! Understanding as can be!
But, when we hear her say, "I'm gonna throw up"... we all run for cover cause she will be sick very soon! I have a funny story about Bug and her tummy troubles!
We had taken a cruise with our family (when I say family I mean the whole bloomin' lot of them!) to New England in the fall (I know, I know, yes, I was dying a thousand deaths to be there at that time of year ;) Good gravy, I was pleased as punch!) So, we had made it through the entire cruise in 18 feet swells mind you, without myself or Hubby or Bug being sea sick thanks to Mama being paranoid about it and keeping non-drowsy meds in our systems. I'm tellin' you, I used everything from ginger candy to Bonine to accupressure bracelets on our wrists and I was successful!
After the cruise we stayed about 6 days with my in-laws in their 1800's farmhouse (yes, they even have a barn and a stream on their property... ooh, ahh) in Pennsylvania and took day trips to NYC and Washington DC. Now, on our day trip to DC we had a good 3 hour drive to get there. We were all stuffed into 2 large SUVs following my father-in-law. Once into the city, we needed to head over to the National Mall. Driving became stop and go, turn here, turn there, quick stop, quick go. You get the idea. We made it to the mall area just in time to hear Bug say, "I don't feel good, I feel sick"... then, yep she throws up all over me, herself and my dad in front of us. Poor baby! I just sort of sat there in shock, covered, not knowing what to do first, knowing we are in the middle of DC with vomit all over! But, of course once she's sick she feels great!!! As for me and her Daddy and my Daddy, not so much! We stop our caravan and quick pull into a driveway right by the Washington monument (with a sign that says, Warning, No Parking, Violators Will Be Prosecuted) to clean up. Naturally, a DC cop pulls in behind us to, I'm sure, arrest us for planning some terrorist activity. These are the times I am glad Hubby is in law-enforcement and travels with his badge! He explains who he is and what happened and the nice DC cop lets us have the time we need to clean up and even asks if Bug needs anything and if she's ok. Whew.
Now, God, in His great plan knew this would happen all along and gave me the foresight to grab jammies for Bug for the long ride home that night so she slipped into those. Also, Hubby and I had just spent about a week or so the year prior in DC for an award ceremony he was asked to attend. We stayed all of 3 miles from the national mall in Crystal City and of course, me being me found a Target close by and did some shopping. Sooo... we knew right where the closest Target was and where we could get clothes for Bug to wear that day, Febreeze for the car and baby wipes for mine and my dad's clothes which weren't bad at all! I ran in, grabbed it all, ran out and we were back sightseeing with the family in, literally, fifteen minutes!!!! Problem solved, God is GOOD!!!!
Moral of the story, when they say, "Uh, I don't feel well," duck...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sooo Sick...But Grateful

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been soo soo sick! I got a cold/flu? last Friday and it just knocked me on my rear! All I've been able to do is barely care for my kiddos (Hubby is on his own right now) and do NOOO housework! Ugh!!!! My house looked like a level four tornado went through followed by an earthquake that was an eight on the richter scale. That is, until my wonderful mom came on her day off to help and clean! God bless you, Mom! I still have stuff I need to do to catch up but at least things are under control!
So, I have no great recipes to share (cooking consisted of mac 'n cheese and chicken nuggets), no great pictures of what I did to redecorate my house (yeah, you don't want to see pics of my house right now) and no great fall adventures we took the girls to this week (we were lucky to get to school) but life will get back to normal soon. Church today is a step in the right direction and then on to a normal week... Club Mom at church, bible study, Bug's school spelling bee, Missionettes for Bug at church, and cooking and cleaning... finally! Our regular lives can sometimes feel so mundane, so boring even but when you can't perform your normal duties and you see how your family suffers for it, it makes you grateful for even boring. Don't take it for granted, remember there are people in hospital beds who would love to be doing their boring routines, there are people right now who would love to be complaining about a cold/flu as the reason why they don't feel well instead of the chemo coursing through their veins, wives who would love to be once again picking up her husband's socks and putting the toilet seat down but can't because he's been in heaven for a few months now. Remember all of this as you do yet another load of laundry, wash another dish, change another diaper, drive another carpool. We can all be grateful for the little blessings in our lives. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a cough drop and to blow my nose...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Black Creates Drama!!!

Oh, how I love all these great blogs I've discovered! I spent the late afternoon/early evening spraypainting candlesticks matte black and setting medium sized pumpkins on top of them. Then I spray painted a large metal vase I had in a bathroom the same black. Next I took some dry tree limbs from around our yard and sprayed those black too. Then I sprayed the frame of a mirror I acquired from buying our house the same black. What then??? Well, it all went up onto the mantle in our family room and talk about drama! I will take a picture and post it soon. I will need to change the pumpkins as the seasons change but other than that I think I can leave it. My friend Jessica and I made a banner that says Harvest that is hanging on my mantle too. It was easy and fun and turned out sooo sweet!
If you have a chance, get to some of those blogs I've listed... they've got my juices flowing!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Silent War

A funny thing is happening in our home right now. Hubby and I are having a silent war over the bathroom window. I get up in the mornings and the first thing I do is open my blinds... I want to see the world and let the natural light in! I even open a small bathroom window's blind in our downstair's 3rd bathroom. It's small and the room is small but I love that natural light. It faces our next door neighbor's house and our side yard. Hubby is afraid our neighbors can see into our bathroom (ok, not the room I'd like them to be able to see in, I agree with that) so I put a plant on the window sill and only open the blinds a bit for light. Every time I go in there I find the plant on the counter by the sink and the blinds closed shut! So... what do I do? That's right, I place the plant up again and open the blinds, a bit. Some time can go by and back in I go to, you know it, find the blinds closed up and plant on the counter. This continues all day! Even when he's been at work he comes home and does it!
So, not one of us has said a thing about it but we just keep undoing each other's work! I really don't think our neighbors can see in there with the plant in the way but you know Hubby, always extra cautious! Girls, I need to strategize my next move, any ideas? I can hear my mother going, "oh, you shouldn't do that to each other, communicate" but I have a feeling one of Hubby's three sisters may have an idea or his brother? In any case let me know!
PS... if there's anyone out there who thinks this is a cruel thing to do to each other well, you don't know Hubby and I, this is our sense of humor and how we relate to each other! Don't criticize, just give me ideas!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chicken Rice Soup with Pumpkin Bread

Quick post... Chicken and Rice soup and Pumpkin Bread:

Take one Fall day, overcast and cool out, high of maybe 63;
Sunday, so Hubby and kids are home; burn some Fall scented candles and
make SOUP!

Chicken Rice Soup:
1/2 cup sliced fresh mushrooms (I used creminis)
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 tsp. vegetable oil
1 32 ounce carton of chicken broth, more to taste if needed
2 12.5 oz cans of chopped chicken, no need to drain
1/2 cup chopped carrots
1 cup chopped green beans (I used frozen)
1 package long grain wild rice mix with seasoning packet (I used Uncle Ben's)
1 tbls. poultry seasoning
1 tbls. garlic salt

Saute onion and mushrooms in oil till tender. Mix in other ingredients. Bring to a boil. Simmer on low heat covered for 20 minutes.
Enjoy with pumpkin bread, either homemade or cheat for goodness sakes and make it from a box, I use Pillsbury Quick bread and it's our favorite!
Did I mention I love Fall?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apples and um, Liquor?

Oh what a day!!!! We decided to go to our local small town apple orchards called Oak Glen. I say 'local' very loosely... it took us about an hour and a half to get there. We were going to meet my parents and my grandmother there for a day of apple pickin', fresh, cooler air, changing leaves and maybe a shop or two. We met them there, went and ate lunch and took the girls to a petting zoo and then Bug and I ran into a big red barn and bought four pumpkins, a bag of winesap variety of apples, apple butter and apple cider mulling spices. Everything is 'appley' up there. Buglette never took a nap so on the ride home she cried and fussed, fussed and cried until she fell asleep, five miles from home! She was so filthy dirty from her adventures in apples that she needed a bath right away!
The other night I was headin' home from picking up a few things from Walmart. Buglette was with me and was ready for bed. We got stuck in traffic though going through a DUI checkpoint. We sat and sat and sat some more and my baby who had, up to that point been in a good mood, went south really fast. By the time we made it up to Mr. Police Officer Buglette had worked herself into a full blown fit and was screaming at the top of her lungs. I rolled down the window to speak to said officer and he got an earfull of how displeased my 16 month-old was. With a straight face and ignoring the screams he asked me if I had been drinking that night (probably the 200th time he had to ask that in about 2 hours) and I returned his question with a straight face answer, "No, but I should be after listening to her for 15 minutes. If you're offering, I'll buy". I know, I know. What was I thinking? Well, being a cop's wife (and daughter) I was never 'afraid' of authority. I have a healthy respect but no fear. Anyway, I could tell he needed a good laugh, I could just tell. I needed to laugh at my 'predicament' too. We did! (Laugh, that is, not go get a drink).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Time Because He Answered All Those Prayers!

Sometimes finding the time to sit down and write is very difficult! This has been one of those weeks! Bug has needed more help with her studies, Buglette commands a lot of my time just by being herself and Hubby, well, he is understanding but it takes work to make a relationship well, work! So, sometimes the last thing on my list is this blog even though it's the second in my heart after God of course.
We have a weekend coming up and I've been thinking about to do with it. I am taking suggestions! Just a day trip somewhere to do something fun as a family would be nice. Maybe apple picking or getting our pumpkins. Maybe off to a Harvest Festival. Who knows. I'll let you know once we decide.
Buglette has been funny lately. She has been trying to say 'pumpkin' but it comes out funny. She tries to ride her sister's old red and white tricycle. She climbs and climbs all over it and rocks back and forth to get it to move. We went to church last night and at the nursery she cries when we go and stops just as soon as we're gone! She did the same thing at bible study with me this morning... at least she stops! I always hold my breath when I pick her up... was she naughty? A handfull? Clingy? Into everything? Noooo, she researves those behaviors for mom. I guess I can't complain, I'd rather her be good with others.
On our way to school we listened to our Christian radio program as usual and today it was about infertility and adoption, two subjects very close to home for us. We struggled with infertility for four years before I miraculously got pregnant with Bug. Boy were we beside ourselves with joy over that child (still are). Then, after eight years and one miscarriage later we get a phone call from family that a baby girl will be born soon and needing a home. We had never even considered adoption before! Never. But God has a way of showing us His plan and we just knew that this was our baby girl. Well, Buglette is ours (mine, Hubby's and God's that is) and we can't imagine life without her. I never mentioned she was adopted because it's not what defines her. It's like saying, "this is Bug, our girl who likes blue"; being adopted is just a matter of how she got here, not who she is. But this morning I heard something that so fit my life over the last ten years and I want to share it. "In regards to my children, God let me hunger so I would know when I was fed." He answered those prayers for our children and filled them in ways we could never imagine. Are you open to how God will answer your prayers even if it's not how you asked Him to?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Achievements and Turkeys

Oh what a week we are having. Mom called me yesterday to make sure I was feeling fine because "you haven't blogged in a while" and I guess she got bored at work not being able to read about her girls. Sorry, Mom. I had a bee in my bonnet and had to start making all those pretty crafts I've seen and been talkin' 'bout to you all. So off to Michael's and Joann to get all the goodies so I can copy everyone's ideas! So far so good, I've made about ten or so sweet paper crafts with my friend and neighbor Jessica. We are having fun with it. All of those great blogs also has given me yet another bee in my bonnet about re-decorating our family room, which will be happening soon. I'll let you know.
So, on Friday we got some fun news that Bug got elected to her school's student council! She is the only fourth grader on the council. She is the public relations officer! Way to go Bug!! When her daddy was in 6th grade he was elected as president of his school so she's taking after him! Daddy took her out for ice cream after school to celebrate. Buglette had her own little achievement herself... she climbed up six ladder rungs into their playhouse all by herself a few days ago. I was outside with her while she was playing in the sandbox, looked over and she was half-way up the ladder. I calmly went over (praying the whole time) and asked her what she thought she was doing. She looked down at me, smiled, pointed to the top platform while mumbling something and climbed the rest of the way. Now, mind you, she's sixteen months old! She's definitely my little independent, determined girl. Hubby said she is just like me. I wasn't like that as a child, just as an adult. Used appropriately I think those are good qualities...
Hubby wanted me to blog about 'the turkey'. Why he thinks you want to hear about this I don't know but here you go...
On Saturday I decided to make a turkey for us and neighbors that I told you about in the last posting. So, on Friday night I took it out of the freezer to thaw and put it in the laundry room sink in cold water. I asked Hubby to stick him in the fridge when he came up to bed after watching his movie. He forgot and I slept the whole night while said turkey slowly grew botulism or some other "bird flu" buggie that could kill us all. In the morning I knew I could not cook the bird and serve it (at least to people I love...) so out into the outside trash (in a bag) he went. As you know, I did cook another birdie who didn't kill anyone (that I'm aware of) and my family and neighbors still love me. Meanwhile, in the outside trash...
My next door neighbor asked the other neighbors if they had found their lost cat because "somethin' died out in the yards between our houses". Oops, my dyin' turkey is now officially dead and beyond. Me to my neighbor inquiring about the stench: "smell? no, I don't smell anything..." "oh that smell, yes I must confess, I killed our neighbor's cat"...
But seriously, our family has a long history of turkey catastrophes! The first bird my mother cooked (by the way my neighbor thinks it's absolutely hilarious and adorable (her words) that mom and I call it 'the bird') was for the entire family in the house we lived in in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. I mention the house because it had a ton of steps leading to the front door and I can just see my mother lugging the frozen turkey, a four-year-old (me) and a one-year-old (my brother) up all those stairs to just have the following happen to the bird. So, she gets up nice and early to prep birdie and get him in the oven. Hours later after he's roasted and ready and the family sits down to eat someone cuts into him and realizes all the 'parts' are still in him...cooked. Mom had never taken out the gizzards and neck etc... She's never lived it down. And now me of course with my dead cat, err, turkey story. The bad thing for me, though is that I've cooked several turkeys before! Hmm, all this turkey talk makes me hungry for fish...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Manner of Things Black and White

Good morning! It's Sunday morning and the Hubby and I are up with the girls... he made pancakes, the girls played outside and I am drinking my coffee sittin' on this here computer. Last night (make that yesterday too) I cooked a turkey, green beans with onions and bacon, mashed potatoes and an angel food cake trifle. We had friends and neighbors from two doors up over. We enjoy their company, their girls are around Bug's age so they're always running back and forth between houses playing (oh how I love that they can do that in this day and age). My friend's mom and sister just got back from a missions trip to El Salvador and we had them over for dinner too and got to hear all about the trip. There is such need all over the world. I was going to take some outgrown shoes and clothes from my girls to Goodwill but friend's mom then told me about little children who have never even owned one pair of shoes before and they wear the same clothes day after day. I think I will try to get a box together to go to the church for those children. When I think about all the things, clothes, shoes in my girls' closets and then the need that's just everywhere it breaks my heart. This recession may just be a good thing for this country's kids.
I found a new charity shop (sort of like a thrift store I guess) that I want to visit. I saw on a blog that this mom found an old white, small cupboard and turned it into a play kitchen for her daughter. Wouldn't that be fun! I have thought about getting Buglette a kitchen for Christmas and would want a wooden one but boy, are they pricey! I found one online at Target but even that's at least $200! No thanks. So I'm accepting ideas and suggestions! I would love to find and restore to girlie-kitchen- quality a little cupboard!
Hubby had an interesting week at work. He called me Monday night to let me know he would be a little late for dinner because he had, um, locked his keys in his work car (an obvious police vehicle) um, while it was running. That's right, a cop had to call AAA and ask for help gettin' his keys out and turning off the car. The AAA lady had to get the vehicle description... hubby: "um, it's a Ford Crown Victoria" AAA lady: "and the color?" hubby: "uh, it's black with white trim..." about this point in hubby telling me I was on the floor holding my sides dying of laughter. If you at all know hubby you know this is the kind of stuff that happens to him ALL the time. He's a bit like Barney Fife. He's also incredible endearing and lovable so everyone forgives him for his little 'mishaps'.
Side note... he works at the police academy teaching for overtime detail sometimes at night. He told me there's a skunk that lives there stinkin' up the place, gettin' into trash and makin' a mess of the place. I could just see all the cops watching this thing and no one wanting to get near it. Murderers, drug dealers, all manner of bad guys they'll face but one skunk and forget it, they'll deal with his antics! I told hubby they should name him Black and White...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Great Girlie-Time With An Odd Ending

I'm here. Been lookin' up lots of blogs enjoyin' everything I see! Lots of sweet ideas and gettin' more ideas for Christmas presents. I have a family quandary for Christmas every year and it's always the same... what to get the people who 'need' nothin' and want for nothin'? So this year, I'm gettin' creative. I'd much rather give people experiences and somethin' homemade than somethin' they don't need just to 'put a check in the box'. So, Buglette's takin' her nap and I'm sittin' here.
You may remember a few blogs ago (or have no recollection at all!) I wrote about medication I was taking and said that 'that was a story for another time' well, here's "the other time". And here's the story...
I took Bug up to Solvang, CA which is a small Danish town full of pretty shops and eateries and beautiful scenery and the drive up there is just too beautiful for words. I took her there because she had had a different sort of summer (she got to do lots of great stuff including summer Christian camp) with no real family vacation. I was getting cabin fever and Hubby suggested we go somewhere for a few days... just the my nine-year-old and I, her proud and grateful Mama. We got online and searched for a room in Solvang (Bug had never been and I knew she'd love it) and found an adorable room at the Wine Valley Inn; a loft room with a soft king-size bed and separate living room downstairs. The manager gave us a great price so Hubby said to go stay two nights instead! So off we went.
We had a wonderful two days filled with shopping (there is a perfect charity shop in Atterdag Square as well as a women's clothing consignment shop... love them both!) and we bought books at the bookstore (yep, several books, she has my love of reading) and we ate at some yummy places. We would shop, get tired, go back to our loft, nap, read, go eat, shop, read, you get the delicious idea. Well, the first night was restless for me. My arms and hands were awfully achy for some reason and I woke up all stiff and swollen for some reason. "Hmm, must've had something with too much salt yesterday". We got up and repeated the day before's events to our delight and I "just knew my body would bounce back after some walking and movin' around". Nope. Next night was even worse. Next morning was even worse than that. I was very stiff, now achy, swollen all over and could feel it getting worse. Long story short, after much debate with Hubby and then Mom and Dad I went to the emergency room there in the Santa Ynez Valley. Hubby stayed with Buglette and Mom and Dad drove up to be with me and especially Bug since we had no way of knowing what 'this' was or if I would need to stay overnight. 
Now, until Mom and Dad got there it was just me and my nine-year-old at the hospital waiting to find out what was going on. God sends angels just when we need them. I knew enough to not eat anything that morning so I would be fasting but I made Bug eat breakfast. By the time I was in the bed in the ER she was hungry and thirsty. A nice lady next to us was there with her twenty-something son and she offered Bug a bottle of water and a donut from what she had brought in. So sweet. Next, the lady from our hotel called to make sure all was well and make sure Bug was doing ok too. She had grand babies and Bug could go play with them. So sweet but of course Bug wanted to stay with me. Next, a lady in her mid-late sixties came in to be seen. She was so kind to us both... making conversation. I didn't realize maybe God had me there for someone else when my new friend confided in me that her best girlfriend of fifty-some years was dying that very day in another town from cancer. I was shocked, here this woman sat in an ER because of heart palpitations and her BFF is loosing her life to cancer. I felt so bad for her. I asked if we could pray and we did. Thankfully she was able to move on and go get to her friend.
As for me, I just watched the world around me change, beds open up, people fill them, doctors and nurses checking on me/us the whole day. My parents got there as the doctor was releasing me after tests showed nothing conclusive. He put me on Prednisone, a steroid to control my
swelling and achy joints. This was the medication that was keeping me up at night. 
I have yet to know what caused all of this and I am having another "swell" day today, ha ha. I am achy and swollen, especially my hands and feet. We are waiting for test results and a referral to a specialist so here I sit! My energy is also zapped which is a bummer after getting so many great ideas from other blogs.
We did go to church last night and were so touched when the pastor began talking about difficulties in people's lives. He asked people to stand and share some. I just knew no one would do that but before long there were people all over the congregation standing and talking about real difficult issues in their lives. Everything from needing a job to being a single parent to dealing with their pasts to mourning the death of a parent was mentioned. It was so moving and touching. There were big, burly guys who were being so transparent in their need for prayer (which we did as a congregation for everyone). It made all of our 'issues' seem so small. They are small in light of the big God we serve. So, I will be fine, one way or the other! I got two glorious days with my daughter and it ended on an odd note but I still got that time with her before school started!   We are blessed!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work Hard, Enjoy Later

Sometimes my brain is 'a ticking... sometimes it's not. Today is a 'not' day. There's no reason, just not sure what to blog about. I read some of my favorite blogs and even found Beth Moore's blog from Living Proof Ministries. I love her... I've done several of her bible studies and we are big-hair kindred sister spirits. I am getting ready to do another one of hers by chance this fall (Oct.). You have to prepare yourself to do one of her studies. She gets so deep sometimes I tell ya, my heart hurts. Plus she's notorious for homework but I do love how she thinks and how she delivers God's word, so I'll do the work required to get the benefits I know will be waiting for me at the end. That's a little like life, huh? Put in the work now and reap the benefits later. Work hard at raising your kids now and they will hopefully repay you with fruitful lives later (not to mention grandbabies! I think those are babies you can hand back to your kids when they are poopy) Work hard at your marriage now and hopefully enjoy retirement without wanting to kill each other, ha ha. Thinking about you, Mom and Dad. Work hard at your career now (or your husband's career) and hopefully be able to retire in the first place. We are always telling Bug, "work first, fun afterwards". But, sometimes rules were made to be broken... last summer Bug and her BFF were at our little house we were staying in till our new, big one was ready for us. It was hot, Buglette was an infant and those two eight-year-old peas-in-a-pod had played inside all day while I took care of Buglette. They did pretty good at entertaining themselves and keeping the noise to a minimum. It was a weird day for all of us, especially them because they are used to being able to swim (no pool where we were), or play outside (it was really hot) or at least go out for a little adventure (no way, no how, not with a cranky infant). Well, once dinner time rolled around I took great pleasure in telling them we were going for ice cream, no, not for dessert, but big, gooey scoops of the kind they can 'make' themselves by choosing the toppings to put in it. For dinner. Plus, if they wanted a chocolate-dipped cone it was theirs. Their jaws hit the floor and they kept saying, "really?" It felt so good to break that rule! What fun, for them as well as me. Here's to occasionally breaking the rules!
Today is Wednesday so that means I must be very organized tonight. I get Bug from school at 3pm to head straight home so she can do homework. I must get dinner going, we all eat, Buglette takes a bath and gets in jammies and Bug gets her stuff ready for Missionettes and school tomorrow. While Bug is in Missionettes we will be in church tonight and Buglette in the nursery. We won't get home till 8:30-8:45pm. It's our crazy night of the week.  

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lifted Up, Touched and Tickled

Ok, Women of Faith was awesome! Just imagine 15,000 women all in the same arena all singing and praising the Lord at the same time! Wow! I especially loved Marilyn Meberg, Patsy Clairmont and of course, Luci Swindoll. We got to also watch Christian comedian Anita Renfroe who made us all laugh so hard, I'm sure kegel exercises came in handy. We listened to Stephen Curtis Chapman who made me cry with his beautiful songs about his daughters and then one about his wife changing the world because she was home taking care of the children all day even though she felt like she got nothing done on some days. Whew! I was lifted up, touched and tickled all in a day and a half. We had an opportunity to sponsor a child in need from an impoverished country with Christian organization World Vision. I am very glad I answered the tug on my heart and decided to sponsor an eight year old little girl from Uganda named Juliet. Bug has just been beside herself with joy that she gets to write to her and that we are helping Juliet. Last night she cried gently into my chest and said, "Mama, I'm so blessed". I thought she was saying this because she realized how much she has and is grateful but she then said, "I'm so blessed because we get to help Juliet". Now that's the right attitude! Go on to World to sponsor a child in need. $35 dollars a month gives them food, clean water, education and medication. So, for the cost of going out to eat one night you could give all that to one of God's children. 
Our weather the last few days has been unseasonable cooler. Yea!!! I know I've told you all this, like a million times but I am a very seasonal person! We got to 72 today. I decorated for fall outside today on our front porch and just in front in general. I put a fall wreath on our door, a scarecrow (a girl, of course, no boys in this house), a fake pumpkin by the front door (till we pick a real one) and a fall 'flag' in the shrubbery by the front door. The girls played out front while I 'worked', riding bikes and 'riding' tricycles. Buglette loves being outside and doesn't care whether it's in the front or back. Then we came in to do dinner.
I hope to be decorating the inside tomorrow... I will post some photos when I'm done. And now for your laughing pleasure (because I love to laugh) and it's Monday so someone should make you laugh...

         A little boy was paging through the family bible when something fell out of it. He picked it up and looked closely at it, it was an oak leaf that had been pressed between the pages. "Mom, look what I found," the boy shouted. "It's Adam's suit!"

And, no, Bug, sweet girl... Noah's wife was not Joan of Ark, good thinking, though! 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What My Paddle Got Me

Hi everyone! I will be away for a few days... Mom and I are going to the Women of Faith event for 2 days! Yea!!! I wait all year for this or for women's retreat! I'm sure I will have either funny stories or at least inspirational stories to share with you. I actually bid on our tickets at Bug's big fundraiser for school back in March. What fun it was to lift that paddle up in competition (I'm a VERY competitive person) to achieve 'winning' success! Well, I didn't actually 'win' them, I had to pay for them but I got to bid on what I would pay. For our two tickets for the two-day event, a $100 voucher for our hotel and $25 voucher for a restaurant was $300! Not bad, not bad if I do say so myself! The auction took place during a dinner at Bug's school and there were tons to bid on and baskets full of goodies to win. We came home with a ton of neat stuff! We also bid on and won my dad a golf package complete with custom-made clubs! To see his face as Hubby and I kept raising our paddles was priceless! 
Now, don't go thinking we are made of money and just spent a ton for the fun of it. Nooo, nooo, nooo, we decided to use the money we spent as our tithe to help Bug's school and gave away much more than we won. But the winning and raising my powerful paddle were awesome! I can't wait till next year's event! Hmmm, what kinds of great things can I bid on while wielding my powerful paddle this time?!?! I'm addicted, I tell ya, addicted! I will be donating something to the event this year but have yet to decide what, any thoughts?
I won't be here till at least Sunday, maybe even Monday. I'm off to go get my spiritual tank refilled... have a good weekend yourself.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Most Mortifying Moment

Just found another blog that I am totally in love with... it's called Pioneer Woman and she's on also. Seriously, go check it out! She's hilarious! She has a whole section devoted to embarrassing moments. I read a few and it got my juices flowing! I'll share my most embarrassing moment if you'll share yours... c'mon, it'll be fun... plus self-deprecating humor is good for the soul and laughing till you wet your pants is the best way to have a good time! "What, you're asking, the beetle-bug-down-your-blouse wasn't your worst moment?" No, very funny. Here goes...
Hubby and Bug and I were with very good friends and their kids in Hawaii, specifically Kauai. We loved to have fun with these particular friends and let our hair down a bit; laughter always accompanied the four of us wherever we went. Now, if you know me you know that I can come across a little prim and proper, I don't mean to, it's just how I carry myself. Hubby, though, loves to see me let go of that 'stuff' and be myself (ok, the prim and proper me is myself) and just have fun. So, we are there on vacation, relaxing, enjoying ourselves at the beautiful pool where there are waterfalls all around and lush foliage. My best-girlfriend-in-cahoots and I are looking fetching in our suits with something with an umbrella in it in our hands when a 'local' strikes up a conversation with us. We are flattered, he's not being overtly flirty just talking to 2 beautiful looking bathing beauties (read; almost middle aged married women who take kindly to stranger's ways) and our husbands are right there anyway! So, he turns to BOTH of us and says, "ok, who's going to step foot into the waterfall just for fun with me?" Now, mind you, said waterfall was all of five feet from where we were sitting and completely within view of hubby, no questionable tactics for me. And hubby just said he wished I would be a little less reserved so, and yes, you're right to shout at your computer, "don't do it, Mindi-girl, nothing good can come from this", but, alas, it is my most embarrassing moment... I walked over to the fake waterfall put one foot on a very slippery rock under the water and, with my hubs, my bestest girlfriend and her hubby watching (not to mention flirty stranger man) I went down like a sack of potatoes. There was a hedge around the waterfall and all my traveling companions said that one minute they could see me, the next I had just disappeared out of sight, quickly. Mortified and drenched and hurt (ok, the ego was bruised too) I hobbled back to hubby who looked just as mortified that I actually belonged to him. 
After healing some scrapes (and my ego, a bit) in our hotel room we all decided to go out karaoke-ing that night. It was good to get the day's events out of my head! We walked into the bar/grill and guess who was there??!?!! Yep, flirty stranger man! Thank the good Lord he wanted to forget he ever 'knew' me just as much as I wanted to forget what he saw... he ignored us the entire time! Whew! 
Ok, I thought that would be freeing to tell y'all that but now I'm just mortified all over again of what y'all will think of me but, remember you have to tell me yours now! I promise, I won't think any different of you! And, no, I don't have a picture to go with this.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lessons in Faith... in many areas

It's Tuesday night, Hubby is gone to Sacramento for the week and I'm here with the girls and Sadie. They are both asleep... hallelujah! Buglette had a bit of a rough day for some reason; she was just very clingy. Bug had to study for a spelling test and that always causes 'waves' for us. She's like her dad... incredibly smart in so many areas but spelling isn't one of them, bless her heart. I, on the other hand don't have any problems with spelling or any language arts but would die a thousand deaths before taking any kind of math class again. Just send me to glory. Hubby has always been great at math (remember, I can say always because we are HS sweethearts) and science but had a difficult time in English etc... seems like Bug is following in his footsteps. So now is my peace and quiet time!
I've been giving a lot of thought as to what to write tonight. I have no funny anecdotes or stories about the family (I have plenty just not in the mood to write them) but wanted to write something a little more serious (I can to be serious). I was listening to my favorite Christian talk station today and heard a great message about how to handle difficulties in life and this particular pastor's perspective really made me think. I'd like to share it with you. He said that the Lord allows difficulties for many reasons, for growth, for a lesson to be learned, for others to come to Him through that trial, for our increased faith, the list could go. But because God allows the struggle, He Himself is there in the struggle. Our natural inclination is to try to escape the struggle, end the pain, stop the process but we should consider that the Lord Himself is there in the difficulty. Just knowing and remembering this can be so helpful when the winds are blowing and the seas are tossing us about. In this day and age there are so many things to struggle with, what with the economy, the lack of employment opportunities, government situations, family problems and this list could go and on. But as long as we are turning to the Lord for His will in our lives and seeking His guidance then in the midst of our trials and struggle He is there. I don't know about you but I just want to learn my lesson quickly, grow in the area quickly, have other's be saved through my trial quickly, and to increase my faith quickly but I need to remember to stop and allow God to do what needs to be done. What a hard lesson! 
By the way, speaking of the economy, does anyone need a home (or two?) we have our home in my hometown (see Small Town Girl) that we would like to sell (4 bedrooms, 2 baths sits on half an acre, 2400 sq. ft) and we have a manufactured home about 30 minutes from LA that needs to sell (2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, nice park, beautiful yard and view, cute interior). We got stuck trying to sell both of these when the economy took it's nosedive. We certainly don't need three houses! Leave me a message on the comment section of the blog if interested! What's that? You say I have no shame leaving that here on my blog? You're right! But it is my blog!   ;)     

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Park, a Clean Car and a Messy Baby

We've been having a great Labor Day weekend at home. Besides my delightful Saturday we have been going to the park in the evenings and playing with the girls and doing things around the house. We are getting ready for Hubby to go away for the week on business. I know for 'law enforcement' that sounds a bit unusual but he is in a specialized unit and they send him for training and to provide training for other agencies as well, so off he goes. In one year he's been to New Jersey, Georgia, Nevada and other areas in California on business.
Today we went to church and then out for pizza. Bug got to play some arcade games for tickets and got prizes for her sister... she's such a sweet kiddo. Then we came home and Bug and I colored! I love coloring and so does she. It's a fun thing for us to do side by side while we talk; aka mom gets to ask questions about her life and 'check in' and she has no idea I'm doing it. Afterwards we decided to wash the car. Now, Hubby is really good at doing the outside and I'm really good at doing the inside... good teamwork. I don't do well on the outside because I reach maybe up to the side mirrors (ha ha) I'm 5'3'' short. It always takes me forever to clean the inside because I'm been carting kids around in there. Sure enough I cleaned enough crackers, pretzels and dried fruit out of there to feed a small nation. Lift the car seat and, holy cow, more goodies! But once I was done I got to put in my new Autumn Wreath scented hanger from Yankee. There's nothing like driving a clean car with a heavenly scent in it!
We promised the girls another trip to the park after all the work so off we went. Bug has a blast on her bike and Buglette actually sat on a 'big girl' swing all by herself and let Daddy sit under her and lightly push her. She held on and everything! To top off our day we went to McDonald's for ice cream cones and because we were in Daddy's truck Buglette got to have her own cone! She loved it, had it everywhere and would hold it for awhile then want me to hold it while she let her hands warm up! What a great day! Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Best Saturday I've Had in a Long Time!

Hubby is the best! I woke up this morning and he told me to go get my hair cut and my claws uh, toes done! It didn't take me long to get ready and run out the door! I went and found a new hairdresser who also happens to be a neighbor of mine and she did a great job on my hair! Then I went and grabbed a bite of lunch at Panera Bread. I just love Panera but hubby doesn't so when he's not with me I go when I can! Last summer when we were in Colorado Springs for a family reunion one of my sisters-in-law had me try a bite of her cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera. She is a baaad girl I tell ya, a very baaaad girl! She forced me to fall in love with them and to think about them with coffee. She is a little sabateur I tell ya. Baaad sister, you're a baaaad girl!   (secretly, I love you for it, shhhh)
Anyway, after being forced into Panera I went to Goodwill to see if they had anything I could paint and make pretty again for my house. They didn't but then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found the new Yankee candle scents, Autumn Fruit, Be Thankful, and Autumn Wreath. I have a thing for scents! I bought two tarts (you melt them in a warmer) and a car jar scent hanger. 
After all that I went to a spa I had heard nice things about and got the most delicious pedicure I've ever had! I had a private room with lights dimmed, soft relaxation music playing and I got to lie down! I also got a great massage with the pedicure from the knees down. She even used those warm stones on my legs and feet. Talk about heaven! And the result... see picture to the left! Look... no more claws I have girlie toes again!
So now I'm packing up a picnic dinner to take when we all go as a family to the park tonight! What fun... chicken salad sandwiches (recipe below), fruit and munchies eaten outside watching my girls play and hubby shoot hoops! I love time at the park! Here's to great Saturdays! 

Mindi's Chicken Salad Sandwiches

1 large can chicken
mayo to moisten
1 tsp. dill
1 small package chopped walnuts
1/3 cup dried cranberries
2 ribs celery
salt and pepper to taste


Friday, September 4, 2009

Help! My feet need serious attention!

Hubby was home today, it's Friday. We took Bug to school as a family and then spent the rest of the day at home. I did some cleaning and then took a nice bath! How heavenly! While in there I noticed just how badly I need a pedicure... claws, I tell ya, claws! The last one I had was when we were in Palm Springs 2 months ago. Now, I do good at giving myself pedicures but it's just not the same! Plus I need my hair trimmed and my cuticles need care as well... sounds like a spa day is needed! Truth be told, I've never had a 'spa day'. I've had mani/pedis and a massage or two before but never a spa 'day'. But my claws, um, feet, may just need a day to get back into shape. It's summer and I spend entirely way too much time running around barefoot (most likely what caused my 'claw condition' now!) Hubby said I could go tomorrow for all of it if I wanted... what a sweetie! 
I'm trying to grow my hair out after an entirely way too short haircut the week of Easter. I've always had long hair but I do like to experiment with it. Hopefully there is a haircut out there that will suit me and do for letting it grow a bit too. Hubby has always loved my hair long but it's sometimes just not practical. He's been understanding! 
Bug and Daddy are talking about what to do tomorrow. They mentioned bowling or a picnic at the park and that sounds good although I wouldn't mind going to the beach since it's Labor day weekend and in my mind that's always been for saying goodbye to summer. We'll see.  That's it for now, Hubby always teases me that I write WAY too much on here. Doesn't he understand that I have to get out my 25,000 words somewhere or I'll have to spend the entire night talking HIS head off? When I told him that he thought for a second and said, "blog, good woman, blog!"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Asian makeover and Great Sites to Visit

Well, we woke up to baby Buglette with a cold. I just hate it when my girls are sick! She has a pretty rotten cold but the up-side is that this has made her a little snuggle-bug. She is always on the move so that when she does stop I savor every drop of her. This is one of those days! She has been wanting me to hold her and watch Sesame Street in Daddy's chair. When we're standing up and I'm holding her she lays her head on my shoulder. Now, I don't WANT her sick but I'll take the snuggles...  It is no small thing when those so fresh from God love us
I have been falling in love with so many pretty, girlie blog sites! I tried to list them here for you to see but I don't think it worked. I really want to share this treasure trove I've just discovered with you all! They are so inspiring, they make me want to paint something, make something, decorate something! So, I must list them here! Really, you all will be grateful I did, go check them out and then tell me you're not inspired as well... I dare you. Unfortunately, I'm more of a 'writer' than a great photographer and craft creator to show you anything I've done but I can decorate so I will work on the photography to show what I come up with! 
Our house is a work in progress. We bought it brand-new but it was a model home for three years before we moved in. Now, I know what you're thinking, "a model home... aren't those completely done for you?" the answer is yes and no. Yes, if you love the decorating they used and no, if you don't. Guess which one I am? Yep, I can't stand Asian decorating! I got an Asian house. So, we've been de-Asianing it ever since (is that a word? it is now). Bug's room was painted with a big black dragon on one wall and posters of Bruce Lee framed all over. She refused to sleep in it till the dragon was gone. That was project #1. Buglette's room needed to become a nursery. Project #2. We even had fake plastic sushi in the kitchen! Thank heavens for my parent's help in all the painting! The good thing about it being a model is that we got all the furniture (some we even kept!) and we got all the upgrades, so the 'bones' of the house are great but it still doesn't feel like 'me'. These blog sites have made me see what I miss and what is really me! So, stay tuned for me blogging about projects I will want to do and their progress. Till then, check these sites out, you'll be glad you did...

On all these sites they show links to other great sites as well. This could go on forever...!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's almost Fall!

We just had dinner (crock-pot chicken, veggis, mashed potatoes) and Bug is outside playing with Buglette and a few neighbor girls from up the street. Just wanted to let you all know that the fire is going away from house so thanks for your prayers... my diet is intact!
We have had a cloudy day though, with even a bit of rain sprinkles. It makes me anxious for fall and the weather to cool off and everything that comes with it. I know I've mentioned that I'm a very seasonal person and we are heading into my favorite time of year. I just LOVE fall! I love the leaves changing, the apples ripening, the smell of fireplaces burning on the first cool day, decorating for the season, Harvest Festivals, pumpkins, hay rides and our family's annual visit to Oak Glen. Oak Glen is a small country town in our local mountains that offers apple and pumpkin picking, yummy cafes serving the best apple pie and lovely little shops. This is also the time of year I go to our church's Women's Retreat and/or Women of Faith conference. This year my mom and I are going to Women of Faith!
So you can see many reasons why I love fall. I will take some photos to post of our fall activities and of my fall decorating! We may live in So Cal but we do live in an area that has a change of seasons, thank goodness! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't look forward to the changes and even to the first snowfall! Almost time to pull out my decorations and look for fall scented candles and 'fall flavored' coffee creamers! I can't wait!!! What are your favorite things to do in fall? Let me know! 

Monday, August 31, 2009

Naked Determination

Bug didn't do it. Mom said I never did it. Neither did my brother. But Buglette definitely does it. What does she do you ask? Oh, it's bad; it's worse than taking off her shoes all the time; it's worse than being fiercely independent; it's worse than screaming at the top of her lungs when she wants to see something. "What on earth is it?!?" you're screaming... well, she strips. Yep, my fifteen month-old likes to take off all her clothes down to her diaper. I have no idea why. Is she hot? Is she bored? Is she itchy? Does she love her physique? (she does have a cute physique if I do say so myself, not that I'm partial) Is she proud that she can do it? This last explanation is most likely the correct one. She is doing things that I would expect a two-year-old to do, not a fifteen month- old so I'm assuming that when she finds out she can do something new and that mommy usually does for her she is pretty proud of herself. Of course, the frustration hit when she couldn't get herself dressed again... shorts on the head doesn't cut it, even she knows this. But heaven knows, she tried and tried, oh, and tried again. I love that girl's determination! But me telling her "bring the clothes to Mommy, I'll help you", just made her mad, I could hear her saying in her curl-covered head, "No, Mommy, I DO IT MYSELF"! So, needless to say, she went naked except for the diaper for the rest of the morning. I hope this naked phase doesn't last long!
We are in the throws of fire-season here in So Cal. There's a pretty huge fire burning the hills behind our house on the other side. It's probably about 5-7 miles 'as the crow flies' from us. We aren't worried, yet, but are praying for our neighbors in the neighboring town from us who are. The smoke and ash are thick like blankets of smelly, hot snow. The helicopters and water dropping planes make our once-quiet area sound like a war zone. The last time I went through anything like this I was a child of maybe eight years of age. We lived back up against hills in a different part of So Cal and I remember the soot and ash falling on our neighborhood. As a kid, you have little regard for the true danger and instead I remember feeling excited at everything happening. All the dads got to be home from work and we all were outside till late in the night playing. In the morning someone went and got donuts. Talk about fun! If anything gets worse around here I'll have to go get a few dozen to share with my neighbors as we watch the hills burn. Please pray I get to stick to my diet...  

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Date night and Picture Day

Hubby and I got to go out on date-night last night. We went to Claim Jumper's and shared a nice meal (they have such huge portions) and then we went to see The Time Traveler's Wife. It was really good although Hubby was disappointed there were no guns, lasers, car chases or aliens. I enjoyed it and since we usually see what he wants to see it was great to have it be my choice this time! 
I also finished my book The Queens of Freeville. It was good but I felt that Amy Dickinson (the author) could've used more info at the end. She just sort of ended it, leaving me wanting more about the ending she left. I must find a new book to start... any suggestions?
Bug starts fourth grade tomorrow! I can't believe it! She's so excited and so happy to go back. We've been getting ready for a few weeks. It'll be just Buglette and I home till 3pm! We are going to miss her! My grandmother and I took the girls to get their pictures done a few days ago... what a hoot! We couldn't get Bethany to hold still and smile for anything. I would put her into place, tell the photographer to get ready, run to behind the camera and begin this bizarre dance/noises to get her to smile. I must've looked like a desperate woman because the next thing I know there are people watching us. Okay, they weren't watching anyone but me make a fool of myself trying to keep a very active 15 month-old still AND smiling! Buglette would sort of look at me as if to say, "oh please tell me this isn't my mother for the next 18 years"! By the time we left I was exhausted, sweaty (too much information?) and DONE. When we started to look at the photos on the shop's computer I was ready to just say 'nevermind, I don't think we got anything worth looking at' when up came some very sweet and cute photos of my beautiful girls! I will post some when they come in!
 We got up and went to church this morning and then had a nice brunch after. Our pastor was on fire this morning, 'preaching' instead of teaching his message and it was awesome... the best message and delivery we've heard in a long time. He would occasionally wipe the sweat from his brow telling us he was giving us everything he had to give. 
My best-girlfriend-in-cahoots gave me this daily planner that is hilarious. The pictures are of these sweet, put-together women from the 50s and 60s with witty, sarcastic sayings to go with them. I want to share some with you but I'm afraid that without the pictures they won't be understood. If I find some that are I will add them to the blogs. You will hear more about this friend and I in future blogs (I need to make sure she's okay with me using her name!) and we get into some seriously funny scrapes. We've been in stitches so many times before, shooting margaritas out our noses, not caring who's looking! Together we make a laughing, mischievious team, ready to do anything as long as each other is by our sides. Here's to girlfriends!
"I childproofed my house but they still get in". (one of the funny sayings from the daily planner)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Birthday and a President

Good Morning! My family spent the night last night after we went to dinner for Mom's birthday! I did a pretty tablescape for her cake that we enjoyed after dinner. I used all white and peridot green items (August's birthstone) and framed a sweet picture of mom and wrote on pretty paper 'Happy Birthday, Nana'. She enjoyed it. I'll post a picture of it later. 
We enjoyed Mom's favorite cake, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that my grandma makes. Yum! Today we'll be going to do some shopping with my grandma while Mom and Dad visit their in-laws on my brother's side. 
I'm drinking my coffee this morning out of a very sweet red and white cup that says 'First Lady' on it in pretty handwriting. Not that I fancy myself a 'first lady' but I see Hubby as great presidential material. I think he'd be a wonderful Commander-in-Chief, he's got natural-born leadership qualities and would just be a wonderful president. He isn't so sure, though. He can sometimes be too humble! Oh well. My sweet cup came from the Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley. We visited in June. Bug knew we were going there and she thought it was going to be sooo boring. But she ended up loving it. We made her take a notebook with her to write down things of interest to her about our late president. She then had to come home and do a report for us. She was not thrilled. But once we started looking around at the exhibits she had a great time! We even got to tour the Air Force One they have there on display. Very fascinating! If you get a chance I highly recommend the trip. 
Oh, by the way, Bug's report turned out great, she talked about President Reagan's beginnings as an actor, him marrying Nancy, being shot and the most interesting thing to her, his love of Jelly Bellies! So, go buy a bag, munch and think about topiary elephants (also at the Reagan library!) and all things Republican! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Small Town Girl

Okay, the new book I'm reading is called The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson.  I'm enjoying it immensely! It's about a mom and her daughter and the small town the mom is from where they live. In this small town are all the mom's family, all of them. Now, I chose this book because it sounds a lot like where I grew up! And yes, the majority of my family lived within two miles of each other. It was great and it wasn't. I've never fully escaped. Hubby and I have lived there twice and the last time was for six years before moving to where we are now. I am definitely a small-town-girl. But I do enjoy being in New York City, not LA but NYC. Shhh, don't tell my hubby... LA is his city of choice. Anyway, Bug and I and hubby enjoyed our small town life while it lasted and didn't really want to go but we needed to be closer to hubby's job. Buglette never got to live there with us... she came along after we moved. 
My parents still live in my childhood home; the home they built when I was nine. I think if they ever want to leave my brother and I will have a complete meltdown. Neither one of us can live there right now but the thought of not having 'home' to go to would do us in. The town has changed a little over the years... more houses were built, more shops popped up, small-town politics wreaked havoc for about a year and my family came and went. My uncle is the church's pastor, my father an elder. My grandmother has lived in the same house for years and years as well. My aunts and uncles all live there except for one set. Even some of my cousins never left. As a teenager I could never get away with anything... if a relative didn't see me doing something then someone who knew me or my family did. I knew this instinctively so I kept my nose pretty clean. I can go anywhere there now and run into someone who knew me when I was little. It's a little irritating to my hubby to hear someone say my first and then maiden name! I think he got used to it the last time we lived there after, like, the tenth time someone would say, "oh, you all are part of the (insert my maiden name here) family. I think he may have even felt like his identity there was wrapped up in who my 'influential' family was. But he was a trooper.
As kids my brother and I could ride our bikes the mile and a half to the market to get ice cream and then head to the pool. Or we could walk to the golf course to take golf lessons, walking that mile. I always felt like we had a great childhood there; I certainly can't let my daughters ride to go get ice cream here, now, in the world we live in. Sad.
So, the Mighty Queens of Freeville is a lot like my childhood and a little like my present! Read it and we'll chat! Anyone out there grow up in a small town too? I want to hear your stories! I'll be telling you more! 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Normal Day at Home

So, today is a pretty normal day, no cartoon mice to visit in their kingdoms, no fair trips and animals to see, no school shopping to get done, and Hubby's even back to work after the weekend. Just the girls and I home all day doing stuff around here. The girls are out in the backyard right now playing in their playhouse and swing set so I thought I could chat with you all. 
I'm pretty proud of myself, without being computer savvy I was able to post some photos for you to see. They are out of order so I listed the story they go with at the tops of the pictures. Sorry about that!
I have been addicted to reading some fellow blogs out there, mostly about decorating and making 'old' things new again! I never knew there was such a world of blogs filled with beautiful photos and great ideas! I started at Susan Branch's website and then found a blog called Vintage Pretties and that author has listed all her favorite blogs on the left side of her page. I've been working my way through them and they are my taste as well, not all of them but most! The blogs themselves are so pretty I told Hubby I want mine to look similar to them. I have no idea how to do that but at least I got photos posted!
My parents and my grandmother are coming for a visit tomorrow for one night and two days. I'm looking forward to that. It's my mom's birthday so we'll be celebrating that and they are going to LA to visit my brother's wife's parents. Her parents are visiting LA from England on a tour. Since the early '90s our family has been having our own little 'British invasion'. My mother-in-law married a Brit in '93 and then my brother married a Brit in 2003. It's great having them both in the family... great reasons to travel! But seriously, I love them both.
Hubby is working a double tonight which means he works during the day and then teaches at night (he teaches what he does during the day in the evening) so it's just the girls and I. I always feel for him working so hard but, man, he is a natural-born teacher and loves doing it. As for us, I can read as late as I want in bed and we have quiet nights when Daddy is gone... just an easy dinner, baths, stories and turning in early! Bug starts school next week so we are in the process of getting back into that schedule. She is looking forward to being a fourth grader! I can't believe it! We ordered all of her uniform bottoms from Land's End this year and are very happy with it all! So easy to shop that way when your 15 month-old is a little, shall we say, active!! Till next time!