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Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Time Because He Answered All Those Prayers!

Sometimes finding the time to sit down and write is very difficult! This has been one of those weeks! Bug has needed more help with her studies, Buglette commands a lot of my time just by being herself and Hubby, well, he is understanding but it takes work to make a relationship well, work! So, sometimes the last thing on my list is this blog even though it's the second in my heart after God of course.
We have a weekend coming up and I've been thinking about to do with it. I am taking suggestions! Just a day trip somewhere to do something fun as a family would be nice. Maybe apple picking or getting our pumpkins. Maybe off to a Harvest Festival. Who knows. I'll let you know once we decide.
Buglette has been funny lately. She has been trying to say 'pumpkin' but it comes out funny. She tries to ride her sister's old red and white tricycle. She climbs and climbs all over it and rocks back and forth to get it to move. We went to church last night and at the nursery she cries when we go and stops just as soon as we're gone! She did the same thing at bible study with me this morning... at least she stops! I always hold my breath when I pick her up... was she naughty? A handfull? Clingy? Into everything? Noooo, she researves those behaviors for mom. I guess I can't complain, I'd rather her be good with others.
On our way to school we listened to our Christian radio program as usual and today it was about infertility and adoption, two subjects very close to home for us. We struggled with infertility for four years before I miraculously got pregnant with Bug. Boy were we beside ourselves with joy over that child (still are). Then, after eight years and one miscarriage later we get a phone call from family that a baby girl will be born soon and needing a home. We had never even considered adoption before! Never. But God has a way of showing us His plan and we just knew that this was our baby girl. Well, Buglette is ours (mine, Hubby's and God's that is) and we can't imagine life without her. I never mentioned she was adopted because it's not what defines her. It's like saying, "this is Bug, our girl who likes blue"; being adopted is just a matter of how she got here, not who she is. But this morning I heard something that so fit my life over the last ten years and I want to share it. "In regards to my children, God let me hunger so I would know when I was fed." He answered those prayers for our children and filled them in ways we could never imagine. Are you open to how God will answer your prayers even if it's not how you asked Him to?

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