Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disneyland in the Fall!

Disneyland in the fall is so much fun! We love to head over to Big Thunder Ranch to have some harvest celebrating! They have a barbeque filled with country vittles, a pumpkin patch and carving lessons, a petting zoo (even their well-loved animals are dressed for the occasion!) and a Scaredy-Crow Shack decorated for the season! Don't 'cha know I love vintage Halloween decorations! Of course, after petting the animals there's a washin' up station! The kiddos (big ones too!) can sit and make a craft and color a picture. Woody and Jessie roam the area welcoming everyone! After eating barbeque you can decorate sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins, bats and cats! Everyone gets exhausted from all the fun! But before you know it we're rearin' to go again, ride some rides and go to Main Street USA to look in all those great windows! Have a fun and happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fake Family

I just got done reading a fabulous blog entry titled Fake Family by Jen Hatmaker. It was beyond fabulous and I highly recommend you go right now (ok, after you read me) and enjoy it too. I'm not going to tell you anything about it but am going to share my own fake family who lives inside my head...
Fake family eats every meal together at the kitchen table and Sunday meals after church at the dining room table
Real family (the real Hubby, Mom, and two kids) eat sometimes at the kitchen table but sometimes in front of the TV using the coffee table as the dining table and Sunday after church? Oh, Mom flat out refuses to cook then so we are forced to eat out. And I don't even remember the last time we ate in the dining room.
Fake family's two girls are impeccably dressed for the occasion whether it be for school, church or play and there is nary a hair out of place.
Real family's two girls are dressed. Period. If Bethany has clothes on with underwear underneath it is a successful day. As for the hair. Oh. My. Heavens. Bethany has naturally curly (like, in ringlets) hair with a mind of it's own. She also hates (by hates, I mean screams bloody murder) me doing her hair. Some days I just leave it. Hey, the teeth are brushed.
Fake family's house is decorated like a model home and Mom does things to it all day. Like, cleaning and stuff.
Real family's home is a hodgepodge of dishes, laundry and homework papers, Disney characters, Play-Doh, and dog toys, mail, magazines (see the model home referenced above) and i-pods. Please excuse the mess. The children are making memories.
Fake family's time together is spent in museums, parks and educational pursuits.
Real family's time together is spent running errands to keep our heads above water, eating out in the backyard and calling it the park and hoping the kids buy it, an occasional bike ride around the neighborhood, on the porch drinking wine with the neighbors, sitting the kids in front of cartoons so Mom and Dad can have a conversation and going to a movie and being thrilled when the three-year-old falls asleep so then we can too. Yes, we now pay for sleep.
Fake family likes how things look. Real family likes how things feel.
Not sure if you know any fake families? I do. They're all over facebook. This is me, real mom, signing off and asking you to, you know, keep it real.