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Monday, November 23, 2009

Lake Tahoe and an Exciting Announcement!

Howdy, Peeps! Boy oh boy, is it good to be home!!! We had a great time in Lake Tahoe but Buglette had a difficult time sleeping, my little Miss Creature of Habit just loves her schedule and routine and her own bedroom! She ended up sleeping every night with Hubby and I in our bed! Argh!!! She would wake up and want to play, at say, 2am and then jump on the bed, make silly noises and then one night, she, all of a sudden leaned over and blew zerberts on Daddy's chest! He got to laughing so hard it made Bug and I laugh and of course at that point sleep was a memory! But what a memory that will be for us! The lack of sleep didn't kill us though, because my mom and dad went with us and stayed in the other bedroom so when they got up in the mornings they would take Buglette and we got to catch up on sleep. Let's give a big "hip hip hurray" for grandparents! We had snow in Tahoe and got to play and sled, fun, fun, fun! We got to see a few movies... mom and dad and I took Bug to see Disney's A Christmas Carol and Dad and Hubby and I went to see 2012. Both were good!
While we were there we got some pretty exciting news!!!! Bug has been invited to go with my in-laws to a Christmas party at the White House on December 1st!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, holy cow, good gravy, hip hip hooray!!! She is just too excited! We booked our flights right away and are leaving on the 28th of November. Just she and I are going and Daddy will be staying with Buglette and have help from my Grandma whom the great grandkids call GG. Hubby didn't want to travel anymore (he does plenty for work) and needed to stay home to work anyways. We will be gone for 4 and a half days. We are flying into Philadelphia to head to my in-law's farmhouse in Emmaus, PA. We will be there for a day and a half enjoying some family time before traveling to DC on Monday. The party is on Tuesday and we leave on Wednesday. A pretty quick turnaround trip but Bug didn't need to miss anymore school and I just can't stand to be away from Hubby and Buglette any longer. Please pray for our safe travels... I just hate to fly without Hubby and I especially hate to have our family splintered apart for any length of time. Your prayers would be much appreciated! I will post again when I have pictures of us in Tahoe and a funny story to share!