Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ch ch ch changes...

Hi. I know, it's been forever since we've talked. Like, before Christmas. Hopefully we're the kind of friends who can go awhile without talking and then pick up right where we left off. So much has happened I don't quite know where to begin. Let's just go in chronological order...
We were in escrow for a new home in our area a few weeks before Christmas. Escrow fell through due to our loan not going through. Have you ever looked and looked for a new house, finally found one, put the bid in, they accepted the bid, you got pre-qualified and opened escrow, thought and planned and dreamt about what to do with said house, began to pack just a little and then your loan fell through? Never happened to you? Well it did to me and it stunk. Then Christmas came and we had a great one, quiet here at our house on Christmas morning then quiet at my mom and dad's for dinner. The night before Savannah and I were in the program at church. I played Mary (or as the director told me, "an older Mary, she's looking back on Jesus' birth". Yes, that was a bit of a blow to my 37 year old ego) and Savannah read the story from the bible. Bethany couldn't get out of her two-year-old mind that her Mommy was Mary, the manger at the front of the church didn't have a baby in it and that her sister was up on stage instead of sitting with her. She literally talked for weeks about that night.
We were blessed in the gift giving/getting part of Christmas. I asked for new luggage and a new camera but told everyone instead of breaking up the requests and ended up with 2 new cameras and 2 new full sets of luggage. Oops! The girls made out like bandits also. We went to play in the snow about an hour away, saw a movie (Bethany's first and she did great!) and had a date night.
On New Year's day I finally sat down at the computer, after getting the previous house out of my mind and ok, out of my heart too, to look at more houses for sale in our area. I stumbled to the listing for the previous house and to my utter surprise saw that they lowered the price of the house by 50 grand! We spent that day gathering any and all money we could, put in a new offer and found out later that week that the house was ours! We had the quickest escrow known to man, about a week and 2 days, and now we are working with our fabulous general contractor to finish the inside. Whew. I'm excited, stressed and exhausted all at the same time.
The house is a new construction foreclosure so we are saving great money every month going from this mortgage to that one. God is good. The new house is a Mediterranean style 2-story and I've been running around trying to get all the inside stuff picked out. Appliances, backsplashes, sinks, faucets, doors, and lights are a few of the items I've had to make decisions for lately.
Which brings me to the other change that will be taking place. This is a really good, exciting one, though, and involves YOU too! My blog will be changing! I follow many decorating/home blogs in bloggerland and I'm changing my blog to be a bit more like those. I will have plenty of pictures of the new house befores and afters, decorating and yet still have stories and quips and pictures of my family. The new blog will have it all! It won't just be about our family life and my life as wife and mommy but will encompass much more.
Through all of these changes will you stay with me? You may not hear from you for a bit until it's all up and running, the new house and the new blog. But I am here. Going crazy. Excited, stressed and exhausted, crazy.