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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's in a Name?

I've been trying out (in my head anyways) a few new names for this blog of mine and have finally settled on Small Town Girl. I live in a small town (no more than ten thousand folks live here) and have since I was nine years old. I've moved around a lot but have always known that this was home.
I love a small town. I love the sense of peace I get from living here. I go to my local market (yep, it's called the Market because it's not a grocery store although they have everything I've ever needed in a pinch!) and run into people I know all the time. Getting the mail at our post office requires more than a quick stop because you must make time to visit everyone you see. And going to eat at one of our six restaurants? Yep, it's a lesson in visiting and catching up with all the neighbors! But I wouldn't have it any other way.
The other night we heard a siren from either a firetruck or an ambulance. We don't get those a lot around here. We all hold our breath, say a quick prayer and hope everyone will be o.k. because the chances are very high that we will know the person who is having the emergency. While we pray for the well-being of our neighbors I also have to confess that we've been praying for a few businesses to cease being in business! We recently got a Smoke Shop here (that's what small town people say when a new anything opens up... "we're getting a such and such...") and we don't have the economy to support it nor do we need a Smoke Shop here. We live in California with strict anti-smoking laws so I'm assuming (o.k., and praying) this shop will close soon.
We also have an unreasonable number of bars in our town. I just counted four. Four. Our main street drives right by one of them and every time we pass Hubby and I make a count of the cars in the parking lot. Last Saturday night at about 8:30pm we drove by and saw no cars in their lot. We were thrilled. Now, mind you, we don't want any bad financial distress to fall on any of our neighbors but we just don't want the bars to make it! Living out about a half-an-hour from the nearest medium-sized city we have a dangerous two-lane highway to travel back and forth on. One (or four) less bars is a safety plus!
Some of the great things we do have here is 1) the best pizza place (best tasting pizza and friendliest atmosphere) 2) small town parades and festivals 3) we are family oriented 4) we have award-winning schools 5) while we may have four bars we also have five churches! 6) we have a very low crime rate and violent crime here is almost non-existent.
So, yes, I am Small Town Girl. I do love big cities, but just to visit. No, I'm not really a 'girl' but it sounded better than 'woman'! I am blessed beyond measure to live here... welcome.
photo: "Trick-r-Treating is safe and fun here too!"