Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chasing My Tail

I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning since yesterday. First I start downstairs. I do the dusting, cleaning glass and mirrors. Then I do the kitchen. I hate doing the kitchen 'cause all it takes is for someone in my family to get something, even just a snack and it's a disaster again. Then I do all the floors. The downstairs bathroom is next followed by the guest room. The desk I sit at with this computer invariably needs de-cluttering also. Once my downstairs is done, though I feel like I can breath again! The organizing never ends, though. Bethany loves to get into drawers and cupboards and see what she can see. The kitchen is totally child-proof but the rest of the drawers and cupboards in the house are not. She loves it when I am getting ready for the day because she gets to be in the bathroom with me and get into all kinds of goodies! Currently, there are hot rollers and their clips all over the floor, bottles of lotion have joined them. Bethany loves to play with the rollers by taking them off and puting them on their (unplugged!) pegs. Toys sit just inches from her new favorite activity. She loves getting into our closet and pulling clothes off hangers to 'try them on'. What's scary is that she is pretty good at getting it right! Oh, she also loves shoes! No, they don't have to be high heels or even mine; she just loves shoes!
Now, mind you, I can't be in the middle of, say, mascara and be running around after her getting her to put things back and to stop touching. So, I let it go. I let her play. I'm right there. There's nothing small. She's just so darn inquisitive. By the time I'm ready it's time to rush out the door onto our next adventure. There the curlers and bottles stay. So, the house is what it is. I clean it. In a matter of days (If I'm lucky. It's more like hours...) the place is a mess again. I just spin my wheels. When it's clean I turn into Momzilla and run around after all of them nagging them to 'pick that up when you're done', 'don't step into my kitchen', 'get off the floor, I just cleaned it'. I drive them all crazy. So, here we are. Beginning the weekend with the house clean and I can feel my Momzilla tail growing in again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Push and Pull

"Don't get up, Mom, I can do it all by myself". This is what I heard this morning as my alarm went off at 6:30 so I could get Savannah up and ready for school. She beat my alarm to it. She encouraged me to sleep in and she could take her shower, pick out her own clothes (a uniform), make her own breakfast and lunch. At first I protested. We've never done it this way before and then I decided to wait for a few minutes in my warm bed until she came and got me because she needed me for something. I waited. And waited. I heard the shower in her bathroom. Heard the fridge open and close 15 minutes later. Heard the ding of the toaster. And still I waited. My little girl never needed me. I laid there thinking about this new path we are on. I want to be on this path and yet I don't. This isn't the first time I have felt this way, either. I felt this when I was her age and slightly older. I knew it was time to grow up, shed the trappings of youth and move forward yet I didn't want to. It's like putting one toe into the pool to test the temperature of the water; it's a bit cool so you step onto the first step and wait awhile. You get a little more brave and go in to your knees. Once you step onto the bottom of the shallow end you must go quickly all the way because your abdomen has been shocked and now it's too late.
I remember being so excited to go to Jr. High school. I had attended a small, country-esque elementary school and was ready for the 1/2 hour bus ride to town to the Jr. High. It was a much bigger school. We all went on an orientation for the new year that was to come after summer. We would be changing classrooms, having lockers, eating lunch on campus where we wanted. I was a young lady now! I wore a light yellow jumper and kneehigh white socks confident that I looked the part of the 7th grader. Unbeknownst to me, my kneehighs made me look 'juvenille' and I was teased by girls going to the orientation who knew better. Yep, my push-and-pull into adolescence had begun.
Savannah finally came in and 'got me'. She had been quite successful in doing everything she needed to do. Lunch, check. Shower, check. Breakfast, check. Hair brushed, teeth brushed, check. She didn't need me. I was sad yet proud of her. We drove the 15 minutes to her school with me deep in thought. "Thank heavens we have Bethany still or I would be a mess", seemed to be the only thought I could coherently put together. It's going to go soo fast now. I knew she would need me less and less and I was going to have to fortify myself for all the changes ahead. We pulled up to the school and I parked. We stepped out, I kissed her (praise God we're not there yet) and waited for her to walk in. She turned to me and said, "Mama, aren't you going to walk me up? I missed you this morning". Up the three of us walked and I had to work to keep my feet on the ground after that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One of My Everyday Pursuits!

Do you do it? I do. Everyday! I enter everyday to win the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway! When they first begin the newest sweepstakes I take a tour of their latest home! They are so incredible and so beautiful! I love looking at everything they've done, the materials used, the decorating and I even check out the towns they are in! My favorite was the home from last fall in Sonoma, CA. It was in wine country with a big wrap-around front porch! I just love porches! Anyway, this time it's a beautiful Southwestern-style home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I just looked all through it! Gorgeous! Sometimes the homes aren't my style but I can appreciate everything they've done. I enter everyday, no matter what! Along with the house you win $500,000. and a new car. The towns they choose are always interesting places to live also. Santa Fe is in the high desert and we already live in the high desert (easy transition!) but their weather is colder in the winter. The home is complete with 3 bedrooms, an office, a casita, 2 laundry rooms, at least 3 patios (that I could see) and even a recycling room. Just google HGTV Dream Home Giveaway to go see it!
What woud we do if we ever won? I already have it all planned out! Since we would have no housepayment or car payment Hubby could retire from the USMC and then leave law enforcement. He could work a part-time job doing whatever he wanted! I could still stay home, of course. We would have no debt! What freedom! I love the idea of Hubby having time to do whatever he wants! Don't get me wrong, he loves his career and we are very blessed but he works way too hard and has since he joined the corps. I would just love see him bored! I know he would want to work but hopefully wouldn't need to work full-time since we wouldn't have a housepayment. Imagine, just paying for utilities, the girl's schooling, food, etc...heaven on earth! Yep, I've got it all figured out! Now, just one little thing... we want to win! I say that and then know there are so many more deserving people out there, people who have never owned a home before, never even dreamed it! I always love to watch who wins and hear their stories. It makes me just as happy when they are so grateful and deserving, like God himself pick this for them! And, if you know me, you know that I am always grateful for everything we have!
So, go to HGTV Dream Home Giveaway and check out my new house, er, their new house!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Uncle Bradley

Uncle Brad is coming, Uncle Brad is coming! Hubby's younger brother Bradley will be heading our way in the early part of February! We are so excited, he is such a good uncle, playing with his nieces, helping me with projects around the house and doing things with his brother. This is a picture of him with all of the girls on their dad's side of the family from the family reunion in July of 2008. The baby he's holding is Bethany! Savannah is to his left and the other beauties (I'm a proud Aunt) are the daughters of their step-sisters. This wasn't even a planned photo... he was holding Bethany and all the girls gathered around him. Brad has such a sweet heart and is always asking what he can do to help. He is vegetarian so we eat healthier when he's here too! He's an artist and since Savannah got an easel and art supplies for Christmas she is looking forward to some lessons. So, we are all gettin' ready for his visit! Do you have a relative who gets the whole family excited when they visit?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime pictures

Savannah and her grandparents on their way to the White House Christmas Party!

Savannah looking at herself in the mirror before heading to the White House... all dolled up. She looked so beautiful!

Getting ready for the White House in our hotel room.

Me at the Smithsonian's exhibit of Julia Child's kitchen... it was awesome to see!

Savannah and Mom in Washington DC at the National Mall (Lincoln's Memorial is above my head)
Read 'Trip of a Lifetime' for the entire story under 'older posts'.

My Girls!

My girls... on the computer!

They are sooo much alike... notice, the thumbs! I'm soo proud of Savannah, she no longer sucks her thumb... she stopped all on her own!

Smiley Polar Bear Cookies

These cookies will make you smile (laugh?) But you will definately need a bath!

Polar Bear Cookies From Starbucks

Did we forget to tell you that Starbucks has a polar bear cookie fully covered in white chocolate? We did? Oops, sorry. They are scrumptious and messy. Go get some before winter is over. And then just take a bath.

A New Format (looks just like my life!)

Hi y'all! Bear with me the next few posts while we (Hubby and I) change my blog format to this new, snazzy one! I saw it the other day, it was free (my ultimate favorite number!) so I decided to go for it! I love the purse, the diaper bag, the ice cream cone, the shopping cart and ATM card at the bottom! It feels just like me! Now, remember, I am not the least bit of a tech girl so doing this was a huge step out of my comfort zone! Not to mention I was totally afraid I would lose everything from my last blog. I wasn't worried about my pictures, we have those on the computer, but I was horrified at the idea of loosing all my stories! But I decided to trust in the Lord and Hubby's computer skills and took the plunge! Like it? I am working on putting back in some of the pictures as well as some new ones. Let me know what you think, k? Leaving a comment is super-easy, at the end of the blog just click the 'comment' box and type away! Thanks!