Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Follow Up

As a follow up to the last blog, I looked up my CA state legislators and want to share with you how I did this. I just googled 'CA State Legislators' and it took me to the official page where I entered my zip code and got my local legislators. It was easy. The phone number and address is on this page. Since you all hail from all over the US I can't list all legislators here! Help me in this. Not sure how you stand on the abortion issue, just peek at some pictures of my youngest, Bethany. We adopted her after her birth and not a day goes by that I am not grateful her birth mother chose life. I know she reads this and I want her to know how grateful we are and how we pray for blessings to flow into her life because of her courageous decision. Thank you. It's not enough to say but there are no words to express how grateful we are. Choose life.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Call to Action

I just heard this this morning on our local Christian radio station the girls and I listen to every morning on our way to taking Savannah to school. It has stuck with me and is turning my stomach. After 9/11 Planned Parenthood provided free abortions to NYC residents. They did this as their way of helping 'provide relief' after the attacks. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina they provided the morning-after pill. Today, in Haiti, they are 'helping' deal with the aftereffects of the earthquake by providing more abortions. Their answer to death and destruction is to provide more death and destruction. As Americans and Christians we should all be disgusted and ashamed of ourselves for not doing anything to stop Planned Parenthood. They go to Haiti representing Americans, us! No, I don't know what to do or where to begin but I am open for suggestions. There are times to silently wait on the Lord and there are times to move our feet while we pray. During this difficult time we should at the very least be making sure that not one cent of our tax money goes to Planned Parenthood. Contact legislation, stop the health-care bill from going through so that we do not fund abortions. We all seem to sit back and watch as America disintegrates into immorality. Do we expect someone else to handle the problems? I know I am guilty of this. But if enough of us stood up for values, morality and what this country was founded on we could get a movement going to begin to be a voice. We have all stood still long enough. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

SNOW! 2010

What began as rain, rain, rain, ALL week has turned into... SNOW! We all love, love, love the snow. Even the doggies!

Nothing like coming home from school to snow!

Maybe an inch on the ground means it's time to go out and play! You never know how long it will last!

We just love snow! Last year (December 2008) we got a ton and school was cancelled for three days! It lasted for two weeks! But we made the best out of this time! Enjoy each and every season as God gives it!


The evidence

"What's in your mouth?"
(caught red-handed)

"Nothing, Mama. I didn't do it..."
(the "I'm innocent" stare)

"I just looking at it..."

uh, huh, sure I believe you.