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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What My Paddle Got Me

Hi everyone! I will be away for a few days... Mom and I are going to the Women of Faith event for 2 days! Yea!!! I wait all year for this or for women's retreat! I'm sure I will have either funny stories or at least inspirational stories to share with you. I actually bid on our tickets at Bug's big fundraiser for school back in March. What fun it was to lift that paddle up in competition (I'm a VERY competitive person) to achieve 'winning' success! Well, I didn't actually 'win' them, I had to pay for them but I got to bid on what I would pay. For our two tickets for the two-day event, a $100 voucher for our hotel and $25 voucher for a restaurant was $300! Not bad, not bad if I do say so myself! The auction took place during a dinner at Bug's school and there were tons to bid on and baskets full of goodies to win. We came home with a ton of neat stuff! We also bid on and won my dad a golf package complete with custom-made clubs! To see his face as Hubby and I kept raising our paddles was priceless! 
Now, don't go thinking we are made of money and just spent a ton for the fun of it. Nooo, nooo, nooo, we decided to use the money we spent as our tithe to help Bug's school and gave away much more than we won. But the winning and raising my powerful paddle were awesome! I can't wait till next year's event! Hmmm, what kinds of great things can I bid on while wielding my powerful paddle this time?!?! I'm addicted, I tell ya, addicted! I will be donating something to the event this year but have yet to decide what, any thoughts?
I won't be here till at least Sunday, maybe even Monday. I'm off to go get my spiritual tank refilled... have a good weekend yourself.  

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