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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yep, I'm Southern!

Well, this happens to me just wayyy too much... I was in Walmart doin' the week's grocery shopping (and peekin' at a few other things, who am I kiddin'?) I was in the craft section probably drooling over some Christmas fabric that I have no idea what to do with (I can't sew :o I know, sniff, sniff) when a nice lady next to me was obviously trying to decide which fabric to choose from out of children's Christmas fabric. I just jumped right in and gave her my two-cent's worth and told her that whatever she was doin' with it I'm sure would be beautiful and to enjoy her gift of sewing since not everyone can do it! She then looked at me with sweet blue eyes and said, "oh, honey, I'm so homesick, what part of the south are you from?" Huh????? Well, I'm from southern California! I get asked that on a regular basis! Is it my voice? Hubby says I do have a bit of a twang to it. But, no, I think it's my ability to just poke into other's lives like I belong there! I'll just see someone out and about who looks friendly and is, maybe lookin' at somethin' I like too and I just can't help myself! Oh, and if they smile at my girls, well then that's an open invitation to me! I always try to be kind and sweet and offer a smile and a nice word. I guess southern ladies harken from a time in the past (unfortunately) where that was just a way of life. People weren't too busy to stop and chat or too self-absorbed to say 'hi' in the Piggly Wiggly line. It always makes me happy! Plus it goes a long way if Buglette is pitchin' a fit while people wait behind me to unload my cart! Humor just breaks all that 'I wish she'd keep her kid quiet and hurry up' stress! To be honest, I used to be someone who would look at other people's screamin' kids and think 'oh, I'm glad I've got a handle on Bug, she would never act that way'. Oh, God does have sense of humor! He gave us a baby girl who makes me work like a dog in stores to keep her entertained and somewhat quiet! Anyway, I think if we just acted like we were southern the world would be a better place. Slow down, Peeps. Enjoy life along the way! What on earth are we all in a hurry for anyway???


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