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Monday, November 2, 2009

Past Due Pictures and Halloween Fun

Just as promised, here are the pictures of my mantle after I re-did it... I forgot to take a photo of the before. Does anyone else do that? Anyway, before the mirror was a deep red with gold on it, I had a flower arraingement on the mantle with some photos and two candlestick lamps on each side. Now, it's so much more dramatic and eye popping! I love it!
Also, I redecorated our downstairs bathroom to something more my taste. I've posted some of those pics also! Oh, also I just today did some new things to my laundry room. Laundry room you ask? Why do you care? Well.... I hate laundry so to make doing it a little more palateable I must have a cute laundry room! It works, try it! So there are some pictures of my laundry room too!
Halloween was great. We went to Bug's BFF's for a family party. All the kids trick-or-treated and then came back and we ate dinner (chili and all the fixin's) and then the kids played a lot of cute, fun games. We really had a great time. Bug was Princess Leia (Star Wars) and Buglette was a leaf fairy. They both looked so cute! Bug has been fascinated by all the Star Wars movies since her daddy and I grew up on them. She at first wanted to be the Statue of Liberty but we had a hard time finding what we needed for that costume and when we found the Leia one she changed her mind. Buglette just loves to hear us say how pretty she looks so we knew she'd pick something 'girlie'. We were in Target and sure enough she saw it and pointed to it right away. Leaf fairy it is!
Hope your Halloween was great too! Now it feels like we've begun the holiday season! Hey, don't shoot the messenger!

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  1. Hey mindi! I love all of your decorating pics... you are my queen of decorating! It's more of a scrapbooking blog but the american crafts blog has lots of great home decor or gift ideas too! It's they have a great paper pumpkin on there right now and I thought of you! Check it out! Love you!


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