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Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Manner of Things Black and White

Good morning! It's Sunday morning and the Hubby and I are up with the girls... he made pancakes, the girls played outside and I am drinking my coffee sittin' on this here computer. Last night (make that yesterday too) I cooked a turkey, green beans with onions and bacon, mashed potatoes and an angel food cake trifle. We had friends and neighbors from two doors up over. We enjoy their company, their girls are around Bug's age so they're always running back and forth between houses playing (oh how I love that they can do that in this day and age). My friend's mom and sister just got back from a missions trip to El Salvador and we had them over for dinner too and got to hear all about the trip. There is such need all over the world. I was going to take some outgrown shoes and clothes from my girls to Goodwill but friend's mom then told me about little children who have never even owned one pair of shoes before and they wear the same clothes day after day. I think I will try to get a box together to go to the church for those children. When I think about all the things, clothes, shoes in my girls' closets and then the need that's just everywhere it breaks my heart. This recession may just be a good thing for this country's kids.
I found a new charity shop (sort of like a thrift store I guess) that I want to visit. I saw on a blog that this mom found an old white, small cupboard and turned it into a play kitchen for her daughter. Wouldn't that be fun! I have thought about getting Buglette a kitchen for Christmas and would want a wooden one but boy, are they pricey! I found one online at Target but even that's at least $200! No thanks. So I'm accepting ideas and suggestions! I would love to find and restore to girlie-kitchen- quality a little cupboard!
Hubby had an interesting week at work. He called me Monday night to let me know he would be a little late for dinner because he had, um, locked his keys in his work car (an obvious police vehicle) um, while it was running. That's right, a cop had to call AAA and ask for help gettin' his keys out and turning off the car. The AAA lady had to get the vehicle description... hubby: "um, it's a Ford Crown Victoria" AAA lady: "and the color?" hubby: "uh, it's black with white trim..." about this point in hubby telling me I was on the floor holding my sides dying of laughter. If you at all know hubby you know this is the kind of stuff that happens to him ALL the time. He's a bit like Barney Fife. He's also incredible endearing and lovable so everyone forgives him for his little 'mishaps'.
Side note... he works at the police academy teaching for overtime detail sometimes at night. He told me there's a skunk that lives there stinkin' up the place, gettin' into trash and makin' a mess of the place. I could just see all the cops watching this thing and no one wanting to get near it. Murderers, drug dealers, all manner of bad guys they'll face but one skunk and forget it, they'll deal with his antics! I told hubby they should name him Black and White...

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