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Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Shoot the Messenger... it's One Week Till Christmas

Help! I'm drowning! No really, I'm ok, it's just ONE WEEK till Christmas! I have Savannah home for her Christmas break (great thing about Christian school, it's actually Christmas break and Easter vacation not Winter and Spring breaks) and we have soooo much to do! Tomorrow I'm hosting a cookie exchange for my neighbors, so I have to make four dozen cookies, of course make sure the house is clean, wrap presents, still send out our Christmas cards and organize Christmas breakfast and dinner! We always have Christmas here because, well, because we just couldn't relax anywhere else waiting for Bethany to break something and because we just don't want to go anywhere else for Christmas. Soo, my payback for being so stubborn is that we are in charge of breakfast and dinner. Now, everyone brings something so that lessens my work load and of course Mom and Grandma are a huge help. We really love just being in our own home. We stay put and just tell everyone that if they want to see us they are all invited. This year there will be 15 of us for dinner. I love it!
The weather is not cooperating... for me this means that it's been too warm, about 50-55F in the day and about 30F at night. It's just not normal for us! Global warming stinks! It's supposed to be in the 40s during the day and at about 20 at night then I can have the fire going while I wrap gifts and address cards! I just checked the forecast and Christmas day is going to be about 55F! Ugh!!!! Oh well, this is not the reason for the season!
Hubby and I still need to finish up the shopping for the girls but everything else is done! The girls and I went down last weekend to be with him while he worked an overtime detail giving out gifts to needy children at a high school in the valley. We really wanted our girls to see how many children there are who won't be having the kind of Christmas they will. It was good.
We live where we live so that we don't have to deal with all the traffic, the crowds of people, the insanity of it all and we just love where we are. We get more of a change of seasons here, there's a lot less people, a lot more wide open spaces. We got home from the valley and it was like we could take a big deep breath. Thank you, Lord for putting us here. You truly do know best.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm using my girls names now. It was just silly to think their safety would be compromised if I did. Once thinking about it and discussing it with Hubby we agreed. Plus we love their names!!! Savannah was the only girl name we could agree on and loved how feminine it sounded and gentile. Bethany came from the bible... it's the town Christ is in when He assends into heaven after His ressurection. We also though it was beautiful. Savannah's name means abundant and Bethany's name means house of God.
Ok, I must leave you now, too much to do, at least it's all fun stuff, though! Have a fun week of your own getting ready to celebrate Jesus' birth!

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