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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Birthday and a President

Good Morning! My family spent the night last night after we went to dinner for Mom's birthday! I did a pretty tablescape for her cake that we enjoyed after dinner. I used all white and peridot green items (August's birthstone) and framed a sweet picture of mom and wrote on pretty paper 'Happy Birthday, Nana'. She enjoyed it. I'll post a picture of it later. 
We enjoyed Mom's favorite cake, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that my grandma makes. Yum! Today we'll be going to do some shopping with my grandma while Mom and Dad visit their in-laws on my brother's side. 
I'm drinking my coffee this morning out of a very sweet red and white cup that says 'First Lady' on it in pretty handwriting. Not that I fancy myself a 'first lady' but I see Hubby as great presidential material. I think he'd be a wonderful Commander-in-Chief, he's got natural-born leadership qualities and would just be a wonderful president. He isn't so sure, though. He can sometimes be too humble! Oh well. My sweet cup came from the Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley. We visited in June. Bug knew we were going there and she thought it was going to be sooo boring. But she ended up loving it. We made her take a notebook with her to write down things of interest to her about our late president. She then had to come home and do a report for us. She was not thrilled. But once we started looking around at the exhibits she had a great time! We even got to tour the Air Force One they have there on display. Very fascinating! If you get a chance I highly recommend the trip. 
Oh, by the way, Bug's report turned out great, she talked about President Reagan's beginnings as an actor, him marrying Nancy, being shot and the most interesting thing to her, his love of Jelly Bellies! So, go buy a bag, munch and think about topiary elephants (also at the Reagan library!) and all things Republican! Enjoy!

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