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Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Patient... Christmas WILL Get Here!

Are you ready for Christmas? I know, I know, 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and I'm asking you that? Some of my blogging friends are in full Christmas swing already! Liz over at Savvy Seasons
has a tree up and decorated already! Click on the link ( above) to check out her cute whimsical tree and beautiful home! She's like me... she loves the seasons!
Bug and I had on HGTV a few nights before Halloween and saw our first Christmas commercial of the year! Before Halloween? It seems that each year we are forced into Christmas earlier and earlier! Now, I love Christmastime as much as the next girl but things for me must be kept in their proper season! I can't even shop for Christmas before Thanksgiving! The down side is that if I did my shopping say, all year long I would be done by the time the holidays rolled around and I could enjoy them. But see, for me part of 'enjoying the holidays' is the shopping during the season with the stores decorated and Christmas music playing and carrying a red Starbucks cup!
I love Thanksgiving. It's probably one of my favorite holidays. All about food, no gifts to worry about, a great parade and family. I feel like I'm doing Thanksgiving a disservice if I jump to Christmas before enjoying all Thanksgiving has to offer. Like pumpkin anything, still decorating with oranges and browns instead of reds and greens, changing leaves, and the remnants of fall weather before the bitter Christmas is known for.
Now, once Thanksgiving is over, the instant it's over, I'm all about Christmas!!! In fact I can't wait to start! Thanksgiving night we have a tradition of watching A Christmas Story and Elf and then the next day (yes, black Friday) we go Christmas shopping. Oh, by the way, when I say 'we' I mean my mom, my grandma and myself. NOT my dad or Hubby. Hubby would hang himself in the accessories department of Target if he had to go with us. I always drive and I put in my Christmas CDs and off we go!
The day after shopping can find me decorating for Christmas and begging Hubby to put up the tree and Christmas lights on the outside. He sets up the tree and the girls get to work hanging ornaments (as high as they can reach) while I de-fall the house and then begin the rest of the decorating. I have had my fall decorations up since the middle of September. I feel like my Christmas decorations get jipped since they're only up for 1.2 months! But I will be waiting, enjoying Thanksgiving and looking forward to the day after!

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