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Friday, September 4, 2009

Help! My feet need serious attention!

Hubby was home today, it's Friday. We took Bug to school as a family and then spent the rest of the day at home. I did some cleaning and then took a nice bath! How heavenly! While in there I noticed just how badly I need a pedicure... claws, I tell ya, claws! The last one I had was when we were in Palm Springs 2 months ago. Now, I do good at giving myself pedicures but it's just not the same! Plus I need my hair trimmed and my cuticles need care as well... sounds like a spa day is needed! Truth be told, I've never had a 'spa day'. I've had mani/pedis and a massage or two before but never a spa 'day'. But my claws, um, feet, may just need a day to get back into shape. It's summer and I spend entirely way too much time running around barefoot (most likely what caused my 'claw condition' now!) Hubby said I could go tomorrow for all of it if I wanted... what a sweetie! 
I'm trying to grow my hair out after an entirely way too short haircut the week of Easter. I've always had long hair but I do like to experiment with it. Hopefully there is a haircut out there that will suit me and do for letting it grow a bit too. Hubby has always loved my hair long but it's sometimes just not practical. He's been understanding! 
Bug and Daddy are talking about what to do tomorrow. They mentioned bowling or a picnic at the park and that sounds good although I wouldn't mind going to the beach since it's Labor day weekend and in my mind that's always been for saying goodbye to summer. We'll see.  That's it for now, Hubby always teases me that I write WAY too much on here. Doesn't he understand that I have to get out my 25,000 words somewhere or I'll have to spend the entire night talking HIS head off? When I told him that he thought for a second and said, "blog, good woman, blog!"

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