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Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Asian makeover and Great Sites to Visit

Well, we woke up to baby Buglette with a cold. I just hate it when my girls are sick! She has a pretty rotten cold but the up-side is that this has made her a little snuggle-bug. She is always on the move so that when she does stop I savor every drop of her. This is one of those days! She has been wanting me to hold her and watch Sesame Street in Daddy's chair. When we're standing up and I'm holding her she lays her head on my shoulder. Now, I don't WANT her sick but I'll take the snuggles...  It is no small thing when those so fresh from God love us
I have been falling in love with so many pretty, girlie blog sites! I tried to list them here for you to see but I don't think it worked. I really want to share this treasure trove I've just discovered with you all! They are so inspiring, they make me want to paint something, make something, decorate something! So, I must list them here! Really, you all will be grateful I did, go check them out and then tell me you're not inspired as well... I dare you. Unfortunately, I'm more of a 'writer' than a great photographer and craft creator to show you anything I've done but I can decorate so I will work on the photography to show what I come up with! 
Our house is a work in progress. We bought it brand-new but it was a model home for three years before we moved in. Now, I know what you're thinking, "a model home... aren't those completely done for you?" the answer is yes and no. Yes, if you love the decorating they used and no, if you don't. Guess which one I am? Yep, I can't stand Asian decorating! I got an Asian house. So, we've been de-Asianing it ever since (is that a word? it is now). Bug's room was painted with a big black dragon on one wall and posters of Bruce Lee framed all over. She refused to sleep in it till the dragon was gone. That was project #1. Buglette's room needed to become a nursery. Project #2. We even had fake plastic sushi in the kitchen! Thank heavens for my parent's help in all the painting! The good thing about it being a model is that we got all the furniture (some we even kept!) and we got all the upgrades, so the 'bones' of the house are great but it still doesn't feel like 'me'. These blog sites have made me see what I miss and what is really me! So, stay tuned for me blogging about projects I will want to do and their progress. Till then, check these sites out, you'll be glad you did...

On all these sites they show links to other great sites as well. This could go on forever...!

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