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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Date night and Picture Day

Hubby and I got to go out on date-night last night. We went to Claim Jumper's and shared a nice meal (they have such huge portions) and then we went to see The Time Traveler's Wife. It was really good although Hubby was disappointed there were no guns, lasers, car chases or aliens. I enjoyed it and since we usually see what he wants to see it was great to have it be my choice this time! 
I also finished my book The Queens of Freeville. It was good but I felt that Amy Dickinson (the author) could've used more info at the end. She just sort of ended it, leaving me wanting more about the ending she left. I must find a new book to start... any suggestions?
Bug starts fourth grade tomorrow! I can't believe it! She's so excited and so happy to go back. We've been getting ready for a few weeks. It'll be just Buglette and I home till 3pm! We are going to miss her! My grandmother and I took the girls to get their pictures done a few days ago... what a hoot! We couldn't get Bethany to hold still and smile for anything. I would put her into place, tell the photographer to get ready, run to behind the camera and begin this bizarre dance/noises to get her to smile. I must've looked like a desperate woman because the next thing I know there are people watching us. Okay, they weren't watching anyone but me make a fool of myself trying to keep a very active 15 month-old still AND smiling! Buglette would sort of look at me as if to say, "oh please tell me this isn't my mother for the next 18 years"! By the time we left I was exhausted, sweaty (too much information?) and DONE. When we started to look at the photos on the shop's computer I was ready to just say 'nevermind, I don't think we got anything worth looking at' when up came some very sweet and cute photos of my beautiful girls! I will post some when they come in!
 We got up and went to church this morning and then had a nice brunch after. Our pastor was on fire this morning, 'preaching' instead of teaching his message and it was awesome... the best message and delivery we've heard in a long time. He would occasionally wipe the sweat from his brow telling us he was giving us everything he had to give. 
My best-girlfriend-in-cahoots gave me this daily planner that is hilarious. The pictures are of these sweet, put-together women from the 50s and 60s with witty, sarcastic sayings to go with them. I want to share some with you but I'm afraid that without the pictures they won't be understood. If I find some that are I will add them to the blogs. You will hear more about this friend and I in future blogs (I need to make sure she's okay with me using her name!) and we get into some seriously funny scrapes. We've been in stitches so many times before, shooting margaritas out our noses, not caring who's looking! Together we make a laughing, mischievious team, ready to do anything as long as each other is by our sides. Here's to girlfriends!
"I childproofed my house but they still get in". (one of the funny sayings from the daily planner)

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