Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Sick and Carsick...but not Seasick!

Hey readers! I have been so sick lately ("still?" you ask, yes, STILL) and I have been away from my computer till today. I finally went to the doctor (aren't us moms hypocrits? I would've been rushing my girls to the MD had they been sick for 2 full weeks but, nooo, I kept thinking I was getting better and it would be over soon...) After seeing said MD and getting a boatload of medication for Asthmatic Bronchitis I am home today nursing myself like a good girl. I got up and made breakfast for Bug and then realized we had no bread for her lunch so I asked her to buy lunch. Me to Bug, "honey, buy lunch today, it's spaghetti, how bad can they mess up spaghetti?" (she hates the cafeteria food) Bug to me, "aw, Mom, do I have to? I will throw up." Me to her, "please, we are out of bread, I guess you could take something else..." Her to me, "no, it's ok, Mom, I know you're feeling icky, I'll buy". What a kid! Understanding as can be!
But, when we hear her say, "I'm gonna throw up"... we all run for cover cause she will be sick very soon! I have a funny story about Bug and her tummy troubles!
We had taken a cruise with our family (when I say family I mean the whole bloomin' lot of them!) to New England in the fall (I know, I know, yes, I was dying a thousand deaths to be there at that time of year ;) Good gravy, I was pleased as punch!) So, we had made it through the entire cruise in 18 feet swells mind you, without myself or Hubby or Bug being sea sick thanks to Mama being paranoid about it and keeping non-drowsy meds in our systems. I'm tellin' you, I used everything from ginger candy to Bonine to accupressure bracelets on our wrists and I was successful!
After the cruise we stayed about 6 days with my in-laws in their 1800's farmhouse (yes, they even have a barn and a stream on their property... ooh, ahh) in Pennsylvania and took day trips to NYC and Washington DC. Now, on our day trip to DC we had a good 3 hour drive to get there. We were all stuffed into 2 large SUVs following my father-in-law. Once into the city, we needed to head over to the National Mall. Driving became stop and go, turn here, turn there, quick stop, quick go. You get the idea. We made it to the mall area just in time to hear Bug say, "I don't feel good, I feel sick"... then, yep she throws up all over me, herself and my dad in front of us. Poor baby! I just sort of sat there in shock, covered, not knowing what to do first, knowing we are in the middle of DC with vomit all over! But, of course once she's sick she feels great!!! As for me and her Daddy and my Daddy, not so much! We stop our caravan and quick pull into a driveway right by the Washington monument (with a sign that says, Warning, No Parking, Violators Will Be Prosecuted) to clean up. Naturally, a DC cop pulls in behind us to, I'm sure, arrest us for planning some terrorist activity. These are the times I am glad Hubby is in law-enforcement and travels with his badge! He explains who he is and what happened and the nice DC cop lets us have the time we need to clean up and even asks if Bug needs anything and if she's ok. Whew.
Now, God, in His great plan knew this would happen all along and gave me the foresight to grab jammies for Bug for the long ride home that night so she slipped into those. Also, Hubby and I had just spent about a week or so the year prior in DC for an award ceremony he was asked to attend. We stayed all of 3 miles from the national mall in Crystal City and of course, me being me found a Target close by and did some shopping. Sooo... we knew right where the closest Target was and where we could get clothes for Bug to wear that day, Febreeze for the car and baby wipes for mine and my dad's clothes which weren't bad at all! I ran in, grabbed it all, ran out and we were back sightseeing with the family in, literally, fifteen minutes!!!! Problem solved, God is GOOD!!!!
Moral of the story, when they say, "Uh, I don't feel well," duck...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sooo Sick...But Grateful

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been soo soo sick! I got a cold/flu? last Friday and it just knocked me on my rear! All I've been able to do is barely care for my kiddos (Hubby is on his own right now) and do NOOO housework! Ugh!!!! My house looked like a level four tornado went through followed by an earthquake that was an eight on the richter scale. That is, until my wonderful mom came on her day off to help and clean! God bless you, Mom! I still have stuff I need to do to catch up but at least things are under control!
So, I have no great recipes to share (cooking consisted of mac 'n cheese and chicken nuggets), no great pictures of what I did to redecorate my house (yeah, you don't want to see pics of my house right now) and no great fall adventures we took the girls to this week (we were lucky to get to school) but life will get back to normal soon. Church today is a step in the right direction and then on to a normal week... Club Mom at church, bible study, Bug's school spelling bee, Missionettes for Bug at church, and cooking and cleaning... finally! Our regular lives can sometimes feel so mundane, so boring even but when you can't perform your normal duties and you see how your family suffers for it, it makes you grateful for even boring. Don't take it for granted, remember there are people in hospital beds who would love to be doing their boring routines, there are people right now who would love to be complaining about a cold/flu as the reason why they don't feel well instead of the chemo coursing through their veins, wives who would love to be once again picking up her husband's socks and putting the toilet seat down but can't because he's been in heaven for a few months now. Remember all of this as you do yet another load of laundry, wash another dish, change another diaper, drive another carpool. We can all be grateful for the little blessings in our lives. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a cough drop and to blow my nose...