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Friday, August 21, 2009

Blackberries, I phones and a DSI, huh??

Well, we got hubby his new phone. And as though his blackberry he uses for work weren't enough technology for him he wanted and got an i phone. He loves it and loves all the applications for it. I am not a technology person at all. I only carry a cell phone when I'm out and about (away from home) and then in my mind I only have it with me for emergencies, to keep me connected to my family if we're apart and to make any "hey honey, do we have any..." calls to home. I never even liked the computer till we got our new Mac.  Now this thing is so easy to use I can't help myself!
My brother is a huge technology person as is my dad. They always have the latest and greatest gadgets. Bug is turning into one of them; she asked for and got a Nintendo DSI for her birthday. I had to write down what the heck it was to go buy the thing. I have a great car (a nice, big SUV) but I still don't use all the gadgets it came with... who cares if I push the special button for the garage to open or I just push the garage door opener? A button is a button right? I still write directions down so I don't use a navigation system; I can't stand to hear that sugary sweet lady telling me to 'turn left in 300 feet, turn left in 200 feet...' 
      Now, if anyone ever came up with a gadget for say, changing diapers, I'd be on board! 
The girls and I have grocery shopping to do today and some laundry. Oh, who am I kidding, if you know me, you know I ALWAYS have laundry to do, I'm pretty sure it breeds by itself! Anyway, our local fair just started so we will probably go this weekend, maybe Saturday afternoon. We love the fair. The animals, the exhibits, the crafts and Bug and I love to see who grew the biggest pumpkin in the valley or who won for cake decorating. The only part that we don't do a lot of is the ride section. I just never feel real safe with my kids riding those things but they do love the big slide! 
I'll let you know how our Fair day goes!  Should be great, hmm, there's no technology there, right?! 

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