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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Sonic Skater Slips and Slides

We just went to dinner at Sonic because I've been cleaning Bug's room all day and when I say clean I mean all the drawers, closet, desk, everywhere! We're getting ready for back to school. She's been assigned to be with me all day as well. We were able to get quite a bit done while Buglette took her nap. Anyway, hubby came home and dinner wasn't ready due to the day's activities and the girls and I didn't look any better either so off to Sonic we went to eat in the car. 
We had ordered and were just sitting there waiting, listening to our Christian radio station when we heard a THUMP and then a bit of a splash. One of the Sonic car hops  on skates ran into the back of our car and dumped his tray everywhere. He just sort of, lost control.  He was fine, the car was fine but his food and drinks had seen better days and I'm sure his ego took some bruising.  I can still hear the THUMP in my head and my family trying to stifle laughter! Why does this stuff always happen to us? Oh well, it wasn't like I ran into the car on skates... 

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