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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Result of a Clean Room

So Bug and I cleaned her room all day yesterday and I even had the great idea of moving some furniture around for a change. One of the pieces moved was her bed. I thought it would easier for her to make her bed if it wasn't up against her wall. Well, that part worked great but as bedtime approached she began to say she was scared to sleep that way because she couldn't see down the hall towards our room. We tucked her in, assured her it was fine (which sounds something like," c'mon, Bug, you're fine there's nothing to be afraid of, just go to sleep!") she even had a nightlight. Needless to say I layed down with her in her comfortable yet small twin bed. It was cool in her room with her window open and so nice because the room was completely clean and pretty! I dozed off!
At about 11pm hubby came in wondering where I was. I finally got to leave miniature land and head off to our California King size bed where the nearest person to me is about a mile away... the only way to sleep. ZZZZ
About 2 hours later Bug came in to our room and asked why Buglette's room door was open (we never leave it open, better chance she'll stay asleep) so of course hubby and I panicked and ran down the hall only to see Buglette sound asleep. Bug's window being open must've allowed a breeze to open Buglette's door. Suffice it to say, I didn't sleep well the rest of the night... all because Mom had the great idea of changing a nine-year-old's bedroom around. Take my advice, when they are used to life 'just so' don't go messing it up! 
Dinner tonight is grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad and then off to the mall to get hubby and new cell phone. His died about a week and half ago and since he can't live without his cell connected to his head we need to hurry! I love you, honey but I tell ya, you're worse than a chick...

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