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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Night (Saturday night) at the Fair

So we went to the fair last night. Now, we live about an hour from LA but when we go to the fair we go to our local one in our area where there's still 4H clubs and farmers and crops. So, we love going to the fair to show our girls animals and all the fruits and veggis people have grown in their own backyards. Since we have a garden that Bug and I tend to it helps inspire her! 
Now of course, there's rides and games and all that at the fair too. We went on a Saturday night which maybe hindsight being 20/20 wasn't that great of an idea... teenagers and a different, um, shall we say 'element' were everywhere. I felt like calling America's Most Wanted and saying, "Get over here, I found... everyone!" So, when you're walking around with your two daughters and your law-enforcement hubby we stand out like a sore thumb! But we had a nice time anyway. We spent about 3 hours, had 'dinner' there and Bug even got to go on three rides (mom-approved of course, this wasn't Disneyland ya know). The best part was showing Buglette the animals! She kept trying to make the same sounds they were and when we went to the petting zoo she showed no fear! She loved it and kept laughing. We had to really watch her because she kept petting them but of course they were looking for food! 
Then we walked around the building with all the things people have made, from cakes to quilts to collections to beautiful table settings. We probably spent the most time there! I've always wanted to enter either a baked good or a table setting but just never have. 
We stayed till about ten pm and then hobbled home. Hubby and Buglette are still sleeping so we'll probably go to church tonight instead. We enjoy having that option!
Till then, enjoy your fair but, um, stay safe!

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