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Monday, August 24, 2009

Normal Day at Home

So, today is a pretty normal day, no cartoon mice to visit in their kingdoms, no fair trips and animals to see, no school shopping to get done, and Hubby's even back to work after the weekend. Just the girls and I home all day doing stuff around here. The girls are out in the backyard right now playing in their playhouse and swing set so I thought I could chat with you all. 
I'm pretty proud of myself, without being computer savvy I was able to post some photos for you to see. They are out of order so I listed the story they go with at the tops of the pictures. Sorry about that!
I have been addicted to reading some fellow blogs out there, mostly about decorating and making 'old' things new again! I never knew there was such a world of blogs filled with beautiful photos and great ideas! I started at Susan Branch's website and then found a blog called Vintage Pretties and that author has listed all her favorite blogs on the left side of her page. I've been working my way through them and they are my taste as well, not all of them but most! The blogs themselves are so pretty I told Hubby I want mine to look similar to them. I have no idea how to do that but at least I got photos posted!
My parents and my grandmother are coming for a visit tomorrow for one night and two days. I'm looking forward to that. It's my mom's birthday so we'll be celebrating that and they are going to LA to visit my brother's wife's parents. Her parents are visiting LA from England on a tour. Since the early '90s our family has been having our own little 'British invasion'. My mother-in-law married a Brit in '93 and then my brother married a Brit in 2003. It's great having them both in the family... great reasons to travel! But seriously, I love them both.
Hubby is working a double tonight which means he works during the day and then teaches at night (he teaches what he does during the day in the evening) so it's just the girls and I. I always feel for him working so hard but, man, he is a natural-born teacher and loves doing it. As for us, I can read as late as I want in bed and we have quiet nights when Daddy is gone... just an easy dinner, baths, stories and turning in early! Bug starts school next week so we are in the process of getting back into that schedule. She is looking forward to being a fourth grader! I can't believe it! We ordered all of her uniform bottoms from Land's End this year and are very happy with it all! So easy to shop that way when your 15 month-old is a little, shall we say, active!! Till next time!

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