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Monday, October 5, 2009

Silent War

A funny thing is happening in our home right now. Hubby and I are having a silent war over the bathroom window. I get up in the mornings and the first thing I do is open my blinds... I want to see the world and let the natural light in! I even open a small bathroom window's blind in our downstair's 3rd bathroom. It's small and the room is small but I love that natural light. It faces our next door neighbor's house and our side yard. Hubby is afraid our neighbors can see into our bathroom (ok, not the room I'd like them to be able to see in, I agree with that) so I put a plant on the window sill and only open the blinds a bit for light. Every time I go in there I find the plant on the counter by the sink and the blinds closed shut! So... what do I do? That's right, I place the plant up again and open the blinds, a bit. Some time can go by and back in I go to, you know it, find the blinds closed up and plant on the counter. This continues all day! Even when he's been at work he comes home and does it!
So, not one of us has said a thing about it but we just keep undoing each other's work! I really don't think our neighbors can see in there with the plant in the way but you know Hubby, always extra cautious! Girls, I need to strategize my next move, any ideas? I can hear my mother going, "oh, you shouldn't do that to each other, communicate" but I have a feeling one of Hubby's three sisters may have an idea or his brother? In any case let me know!
PS... if there's anyone out there who thinks this is a cruel thing to do to each other well, you don't know Hubby and I, this is our sense of humor and how we relate to each other! Don't criticize, just give me ideas!!!!

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  1. For family unity I refuse to leave my name... have you thought of unscrewing the lightbulbs? Next time he goes in he'll have to turn on the light (because there's no natural light!) and then there's no light at all. He'll be 'needing' the room and have to run upstairs! He may just see the value in natural light then!


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