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Friday, August 7, 2009


Hi everyone; although I guess there is no one really... but it's only been 18 hours I've been doing this so no worries, yet. 
Summer for us this year so far has been a bit odd... Buglette (14 months old) is a bit of a wild child, happy but into everything and all over the place. We used our timeshare in Palm Springs in July (I know, hot, hot, hot, it was 118 the day we arrived, I kid you not) and after those 4 days we were due to head to Yosemite in our truck and fifth-wheel for some 'camping' (this is as close to true camping as I will go). Well, needless to say Buglette began to teethe getting in four molars all at once. So, Yosemite is on hold for now!
Instead we are home having, what I suppose is all the rage in this stellar economy, a 'staycation'! We are home for the most part and then we will be taking some fun day trips to local fun spots. Buglette can stay on her schedule while she's teething, Bug (9 years) can still have a fun summer and Hubby and I can get some 'rest time' in as well. We will be heading to Disneyland, a few museums, our local fair and the beach and mountains. That's what's great about So Cal, lots of fun and geographical locals within two hours of each other. 
Before Buglette, we were the type of family who took our three-month-old on a truck and trailer trip for two weeks to South Dakota then a few months later on a five-hour plane ride to Pennsylvania and NYC to visit family. We have never hesitated to do anything for a great vacation so this is quite unusual for us! Oh well! Maybe next year we'll be off again! 
The girls and I got up this AM and had honeywheat pancakes and clementine oranges for breakfast outside in the back while Hubby slept in. The girls then played in the sandbox and on the swingset and took baths before Buglette went down for her nap.  The pancakes were from a really good Krusteaze mix (hey, it's easy and I never claimed to be supermom).  Hubby and Bug are going to see G-Force, the kid's movie today which he has agreed to take her to because, in his words, 'at least there are lasers in it'. I will be cleaning (yay) and maybe even finishing up the book I've been reading, Julie and Julia just like the movie coming out in a week about Julie who cooks through Julia Child's French cookbook in a year. It's good but the language is a bit much. So, for today, I absolutely must get this exciting day off and running... it is my vacation after all.    Mama Mindi

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