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Thursday, August 6, 2009

anyone interested??

As a stay-at-home mom and wife sometimes my life can be a little dull (to me) or a little harried to downright crazy. My husband is a great hubby and a great daddy to our two daughters 9 year old Bug and her 14 month-old little sister Buglette. Of course, for their safety, I will use these nicknames for them in this forum! Hubby and I just turned 36 and I've been at home since Bug was born. I enjoy it but boy, some days can be just downright boring. You'd think that with Buglette's arrival 'boring' would be out the door but we still have our days. A little about me?? Well, I married my high school sweetheart at 19 and we spent the next 8 years in the USMC (he signed on the dotted line, I married into it) and then he joined law enforcement (which will remain unnamed for this forum). All the while I worked as a nurse in several doctor's officers, a preschool teacher, in a decorating shop and went to school to (can you believe it?) five different colleges. I love to read and write (hence this blog), scrapbook, garden (although this summer's garden isn't quite hitting it's stride yet), be with my family, am busy in our church and I workout out our local gym only because I have to. We moved to our new house last year and are finally feeling settled here and in our new town. I won't explain all this drudgery every day but felt like I needed to get some 'pleasantries' out of the way! The real adventure begins tomorrow! Stay with me....!

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