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Monday, January 11, 2010

Uncle Bradley

Uncle Brad is coming, Uncle Brad is coming! Hubby's younger brother Bradley will be heading our way in the early part of February! We are so excited, he is such a good uncle, playing with his nieces, helping me with projects around the house and doing things with his brother. This is a picture of him with all of the girls on their dad's side of the family from the family reunion in July of 2008. The baby he's holding is Bethany! Savannah is to his left and the other beauties (I'm a proud Aunt) are the daughters of their step-sisters. This wasn't even a planned photo... he was holding Bethany and all the girls gathered around him. Brad has such a sweet heart and is always asking what he can do to help. He is vegetarian so we eat healthier when he's here too! He's an artist and since Savannah got an easel and art supplies for Christmas she is looking forward to some lessons. So, we are all gettin' ready for his visit! Do you have a relative who gets the whole family excited when they visit?

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