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Friday, January 15, 2010

Chasing My Tail

I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning since yesterday. First I start downstairs. I do the dusting, cleaning glass and mirrors. Then I do the kitchen. I hate doing the kitchen 'cause all it takes is for someone in my family to get something, even just a snack and it's a disaster again. Then I do all the floors. The downstairs bathroom is next followed by the guest room. The desk I sit at with this computer invariably needs de-cluttering also. Once my downstairs is done, though I feel like I can breath again! The organizing never ends, though. Bethany loves to get into drawers and cupboards and see what she can see. The kitchen is totally child-proof but the rest of the drawers and cupboards in the house are not. She loves it when I am getting ready for the day because she gets to be in the bathroom with me and get into all kinds of goodies! Currently, there are hot rollers and their clips all over the floor, bottles of lotion have joined them. Bethany loves to play with the rollers by taking them off and puting them on their (unplugged!) pegs. Toys sit just inches from her new favorite activity. She loves getting into our closet and pulling clothes off hangers to 'try them on'. What's scary is that she is pretty good at getting it right! Oh, she also loves shoes! No, they don't have to be high heels or even mine; she just loves shoes!
Now, mind you, I can't be in the middle of, say, mascara and be running around after her getting her to put things back and to stop touching. So, I let it go. I let her play. I'm right there. There's nothing small. She's just so darn inquisitive. By the time I'm ready it's time to rush out the door onto our next adventure. There the curlers and bottles stay. So, the house is what it is. I clean it. In a matter of days (If I'm lucky. It's more like hours...) the place is a mess again. I just spin my wheels. When it's clean I turn into Momzilla and run around after all of them nagging them to 'pick that up when you're done', 'don't step into my kitchen', 'get off the floor, I just cleaned it'. I drive them all crazy. So, here we are. Beginning the weekend with the house clean and I can feel my Momzilla tail growing in again.

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