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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Being Obedient

I must blog. I must do it often. Pioneer Woman says so. I'm supposed to blog even if I can't think of anything to tell you. She gave several suggestions. One was to tell you how I feel when I walk into my laundry room. Really? Oh. Ok. Well, I feel a bubble of nausea rise from my stomach. I feel like I may have the vapors. I may faint right there. I will hit my head on the door of the dryer which is still open and go to glory on my tile floor. Or at least dream. I may dream of the days when there were no washers and dryers. There were prairies and horse drawn wagons and farms. Because life was so much simpler there was no need for 17 t-shirts, 11 pairs of jeans, 22 pairs of socks and 14 'church' shirts to wash, dry and maybe even iron. And that's just Hubby's wardrobe. Mine and the girls' are worse, much worse. I mean, in those days a lady might have a work dress and apron, a casual dress and a church dress along with a few under garments. All to be washed in the ring washer (is that their name?) and dried on the line. Yes, more work than what we do now but they were only washing say, eight outfits at a time! Their hour of work then drying time sure beats my full day of laundry. I'll take that any day over mine facing me tomorrow. So, I blogged, and now you know how I feel when I walk into my laundry room. Aren't you glad I told you? You can live the rest of your life now with such important information.


  1. My Bible study gals and I were just talking about laundry duties yesterday....yes, that was after we studied our lesson :-). Oh, Mindi, I sure remember those days of piled up laundry. If I did a blog about my laundry room now it would be quite boring so, at least, you have something exciting to write :-). Love you guys!

  2. Denise, I will look forward to the days of a boring laundry room! Love you guys too!

  3. I go back and forth with liking my boring laundry room. I still feel 30...I'm not quite sure why my boys are now almost my age, huh ;-).


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