Sometimes an ending is a perfect way to have a beautiful beginning...

Monday, January 4, 2010

How NOT to Begin the New Year

Let me give you a rundown of my night last night. 8pm: put Bethany to bed (she's still getting over a cold but is doing better), helped Savannah with some spelling, Savannah went ot bed,
TV-magazine and a cup of tea to myself, so I thought! 10pm: Bethany awake screaming, put her into bed with me (she's now fussing in my bed and not going to sleep), Daddy is at work. 1am: still up with Bethany but decide to put her in her bed anyway. 1:01am: listening to Bethany cry. 1:30am: silence finally. 3:30am: Bethany is crying again. Let her cry it out so she gets the point that she can't sleep with us whenever she wants. 4am: all's quiet. 6:30am: my alarm goes off and I drag my tired bones out of bed to face this day. 7:15am: decide I'd better write a blog or you all will just give up on me. 7:25am: I'd better hurry...Bethany's awake.
We're just here trying to get back to normal after the holidays. Hope it's going better for all of you!

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