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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Charlie Brown Christmas

In case you are loosing faith in our world I wanted to share this with you...
Bug and I had a night to ourselves with Daddy working a double shift, doggies asleep and Buglette down for the night. We snuggled on the couch with the fire going to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Now, I saw this as a kid but didn't really remember the entire 1/2 hour show. Charlie Brown goes through the program wondering what the "true meaning of Christmas is" as he directs the school Christmas program and seeks 'psychiatric help for .05' from Lucy and is just not in the spirit as everyone else is. At the end he asks Linus out of frustration, "What is the true meaning of Christmas?" And lo and behold to my surprise (I was expecting something like, 'giving' or 'love' or 'family'. All good things but not the true meaning...) Linus quotes from the book of Luke the Christmas story. And even ends it, "... who is Christ the Lord our Savior"! By the end of his quote I was in tears. My faith in mankind, at least television and it's executives and programmers a little renewed! This aired on ABC at 8pm on a Tuesday night just before the BIG premiere of Disney's little animation Prep and Landing. Who knows how many people were watching?!??!? As Christians we cannot just see what's wrong, what's bad with our world but also what is good and right as well. It's there, we may need to dig a little further than we would like but it's there. And then there are the moments when there's no 'digging' necessary...

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