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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Most Mortifying Moment

Just found another blog that I am totally in love with... it's called Pioneer Woman and she's on also. Seriously, go check it out! She's hilarious! She has a whole section devoted to embarrassing moments. I read a few and it got my juices flowing! I'll share my most embarrassing moment if you'll share yours... c'mon, it'll be fun... plus self-deprecating humor is good for the soul and laughing till you wet your pants is the best way to have a good time! "What, you're asking, the beetle-bug-down-your-blouse wasn't your worst moment?" No, very funny. Here goes...
Hubby and Bug and I were with very good friends and their kids in Hawaii, specifically Kauai. We loved to have fun with these particular friends and let our hair down a bit; laughter always accompanied the four of us wherever we went. Now, if you know me you know that I can come across a little prim and proper, I don't mean to, it's just how I carry myself. Hubby, though, loves to see me let go of that 'stuff' and be myself (ok, the prim and proper me is myself) and just have fun. So, we are there on vacation, relaxing, enjoying ourselves at the beautiful pool where there are waterfalls all around and lush foliage. My best-girlfriend-in-cahoots and I are looking fetching in our suits with something with an umbrella in it in our hands when a 'local' strikes up a conversation with us. We are flattered, he's not being overtly flirty just talking to 2 beautiful looking bathing beauties (read; almost middle aged married women who take kindly to stranger's ways) and our husbands are right there anyway! So, he turns to BOTH of us and says, "ok, who's going to step foot into the waterfall just for fun with me?" Now, mind you, said waterfall was all of five feet from where we were sitting and completely within view of hubby, no questionable tactics for me. And hubby just said he wished I would be a little less reserved so, and yes, you're right to shout at your computer, "don't do it, Mindi-girl, nothing good can come from this", but, alas, it is my most embarrassing moment... I walked over to the fake waterfall put one foot on a very slippery rock under the water and, with my hubs, my bestest girlfriend and her hubby watching (not to mention flirty stranger man) I went down like a sack of potatoes. There was a hedge around the waterfall and all my traveling companions said that one minute they could see me, the next I had just disappeared out of sight, quickly. Mortified and drenched and hurt (ok, the ego was bruised too) I hobbled back to hubby who looked just as mortified that I actually belonged to him. 
After healing some scrapes (and my ego, a bit) in our hotel room we all decided to go out karaoke-ing that night. It was good to get the day's events out of my head! We walked into the bar/grill and guess who was there??!?!! Yep, flirty stranger man! Thank the good Lord he wanted to forget he ever 'knew' me just as much as I wanted to forget what he saw... he ignored us the entire time! Whew! 
Ok, I thought that would be freeing to tell y'all that but now I'm just mortified all over again of what y'all will think of me but, remember you have to tell me yours now! I promise, I won't think any different of you! And, no, I don't have a picture to go with this.

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